Red Eye

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, May 1, 2008.

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  1. After reading MDN critique of Thrap Admin I have got to thinking of the joys of red eye.
    I have always been lucky as all bar one of my ex-girlfriends has been a swallower. Now about five years ago I was seeing this student who was great in the sack but could not suck a cok to save her life, I'm not joking she was terrible - zero style or technique, needles to say she did not swallow.
    I wont go into detail but I ended up blowing my load into her face while we were at her parents for Sunday lunch and most of it went into her right eye turning it bright red. I was a bit concerned as the Hex was complaining that it was stinging badly and that I was a bar-stard. At first I was concerned for my dear, sweet and beautiful lovers well being, but after the first two seconds concern had given way to pride and "I bet you wish you'd swallowed". Oh How I beamed with pride at the dinner table as her Father asked what was up with the little strumpetts eye ball. Since then I have tried to master the art of "Accidental Red Eye".
    Red Eye - Sport of Kings or Degrading to Women?
  2. Sport of kings, surely. My mate managed to get one off in his lass's eye once. From then on, whenever he meets someone around here they always say 'Oh wow, aren't you that guy that spaffed in that girls eye?! Nice one!' or something similar...
  3. Sport of kings definitely...should also get some into the hair. It is just as much fun as an eyeball shot but is much harder for the poor dear to remedy. Good drills LVH by the way in unloading before dinner...
  4. My own contribution to that thread i recommend trying it to prove your valour maybe in 1000 years it will have evolved into a test of manhood for young warriors. Or maybe its the homoerotic ramblings of a sad perv who knows?
  5. Consider yourself lucky to have a female who will even look "eye to japs-eye" with your todger.Some of us married types haven't had that luxury in years.
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I have always found the 'Badminton Face Like A Painters Radio Competition' scoring system works well.

    Points for content:

    In the eye - 5 points

    In the hair - 5 points

    In the ear - 5 points

    Spunk bubble down the nose - 10 points

    Bonus points for artistic interpretation if uttered by family / friends:

    "Your mascara has run" - 5 points

    "You have got something in your hair. Here, let me" - 5 points
  7. Sport of Kings! My wife doesn't understand why she has to put up with it. However, once I explain to her that the jewelry she wears and the fancy sports car she drives does not come free, she shuts her gob and opens her eyes. Sport of Kings? Too bloody right it is!
  8. Its funny to spaff on her face when she is very drunk and wakes up in the morning not knowing what the crusty stuff all round her kisser is
  9. Reminds one of the joke:

    I had a wank over my ex last night. I know its wrong but well, I've still got a key and she's a very heavy sleeper..
  10. Current Squeeze once asked me to blow my load on her stocking clad legs, I took up position at the foot of the bed, took careful aim and got her in the eyes and mouth. I will have that engraved on my tomb stone. :D :D
  11. You're able to aim??? Jeez, I (metaphorically speaking) bow down to your jism skill!!
  12. I was aiming for her legs.......
  13. Bloody hell LVH - was she a dwarf or have you got an indirect fire weapon!
  14. Can I come for tea?
  15. Personal favourite is the hair anyday try and get it right under then it goes all sticky and clumps together they look like a right twaat. But fairplay on geting it in her eye before dinner obviously wanted a starter. i bow down for getting it on her face from the fot of the bed how tall or short was she?