Red Ed the new "iron lady"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by samain11, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. Well he's an absolute woman so he's already halfway there.
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  2. Nah, Milly hasn't got it. Labour need more Balls.
  3. She was a **** who ruined the country. He's a spineless oxygen thief.

    Apart from the fact they are both landfill, they have nothing in common.
  4. What utter tosh. There is nothing strong, dynamic or bloody minded about Ed, he is just a rather floppy looking union played puppet. Now his big Bro David could just be the Maggie in drag that Labour need!
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  5. Fixed for you :) HTH
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  6. Agree with you on that, if Ed is still in charge then the next election will either be stalemate again or Labour might scrape through to **** this country over again with 'Labour Cancer'.

    If David was put in charge prior to the election, it would be a landslide for they could **** this country etc.
  7. Agreed so vote for Ed the man with ironed on balls, Sorry, should read Iron balls!
  8. So another ten years of the same Labour policies that created the Winter of Discontent and the IMF bailout would have been the saving of the country ?

    Dumb arse window licking retard. Dog shit has more brain cells than every single die hard Labour retard.
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  9. Well considering it was in much better shape in 1997 than it was in 1979, I would say you are much more likely to be a dumb version of what you called her, you are right on the oxy thief bit though.
  10. Who do you think makes the best pies, labour, or the tories?
  11. I've heard horses make good ones or is that another thread? (How the **** a horse can get the pinny on and roll out the dough is beyond me, though. How can they make good pies if they can't even open an oven door?)
  12. Dunno, but I heard that the tories use orphans and the unemployed as fillings. Labour tend to use halal bullshit, but say it counts as one of your 5 a day.
    Cleggy makes a nice pie...sour grapes and av ballots.
  13. Mr Ed will have to get a floral print dress.... and a handbag...... But then none of our elected Boys and Gels have a Pair of Cojones bwteen them all.....
  14. It's NEW Labour and it has f**k all to do with left wing politics. Since Clause 4 was removed from the manifesto by the tory blair there are no mps in the party with any sort of social conscience. They all come from Lawyer/pr/toff backgrounds and are corrupt as all the other politicians. End of rant. Taxi!
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