Red Devils Charity Skydive

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by titchokido, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. Fundraising Tandem Skydives are available with the Red Devil's for the 2009 season.

    The team are set to be working with over 30 Military charities funds & associations in 2009, with over 100 Civilian Charities also along for the ride.

    Total cost is £290 per skydive. (Of which a £90 reservation fee is payable at time of booking)
    Minimum average sponsorship amount set by the charities is £500.
    If this entire amount is eligible for Gift Aid at 28% the charity could receive as much as £350 for all of your efforts. The highest ratio of return available from any other suppliers.

    Dates & locations are posted below:

    Strathallan (Scotland) 7th May 8th May 11th May
    Strathallan (Scotland) 12th May 13th May
    Netheravon (Wiltshire) 26th May 27th May 28th May
    Langar Airfield (Nottingham) 9th June 10th June 11th June
    Dunkeswell Airfield (Devon) 23rd June 24th June 25th June
    Langar Airfield (Nottingham) 7th July 8th July 9th July
    Langar Airfield (Nottingham) 1st Sept 2nd Sept 3rd Sept
    Netheravon (Wiltshire) 22nd Sept 23rd Sept 24th Sept
    Langar Airfield (Nottingham) 6th Oct 7th Oct 8th Oct

    For how to book & further information please visit the teams website:

    Or alternatively visit the Red Devil's exclusive events partner's Click and Jump, who offer a one-stop shop for all of the UK's Dropzones, Group bookings & can assist with all your enquiries.

    Visit: or email:

    Call 0800 345 7468

    By using a online fundraising page with you could increase the ratio of return for your chosen charity by over 80% compared to other suppliers. More information available on the Click and Jump website or directly through Bmycharity.

    If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it with the best in the business.
    It's as easy as falling out of a plane!!
  2. Someone better give Jim Shortt the heads up on this so he can have a crack and add 'jumping with the Red Freds' to his CV.

    Wouldn't fancy it myself, nothing like having some Para Regt bod strapped to ones back and leaping out of a plane before hearing 'I use to be 3 Para Motars, make a wish.....' Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  3. How did you know Ed was 3 Para Mortars??

    Anyway.... he's alright now
  4. OK, time for some truth, gentlemen, how bad is it really ?. thinking of doing this, my OH has been really helpful, his response was ' go for it babe, take clean underwear' am I crazy to even consider it ?
  5. Go for it,you wont regret it 8)
  6. god help me i think i will, get christmas over first though :lol: :lol:
  7. Go for it, it is totally awesome....
    The only thing you might regret is not doing it sooner...
    The buzz is amazing & it lasts for ages, a natural high from falling from upon high. Sweet!!
  8. I did one in Sept - fab as fk! Hope to do another next year!

    Mega, do it! Get it video'd - everytime I watch it, i'm back up there again!