Red Dead Redemption

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Ritch, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks/months, you'll know about Rockstar's (The Company Behind GTA) new game - Red Dead Redemption.


    The game is set in America in the early 1900s; it focuses around a former outlaw, John Marston. Marston has been given the primary directive by government agents to kill or capture his former gang members, which includes his old 'friend' and gang leader Bill Williamson. If he does not do so, his family will pay the price. Along the way Marston is given work as the game will use open world with sandbox environments and a free-roaming ability.

    See More Here
  2. I am very, very excited about this.
    Rockstar are ticking all the right boxes in this for me. The scale, tonality and the recently revealed mulitplayer make me think that this is a must buy.
    It seems like the first game in a long while where I know I'll be getting my money's worth. Good old Rockstar.

    If anyone gets this when it's released, add me on XBL (Gamertag: Headphelym) and we'll go hunt some motherfunkin' bison!
  3. Me too. Rockstar seem to pull everything out of the hat at the right time. You're already on my list, so when I get it, I'll drop you a bell.
  4. I have it pre-ordered for the PS3.
    Looks good, about time they did a decent Western game.
  5. Grrr! Didn't pre-order the game due to lack of funds. Thought I'd go into town today and pick up a copy. Game, HMV, Gamestation, Argos and somewhere else I can't remember the name of were ALL sold out. Pfft.

    Bank is shut, so I can't put any money in at the moment, so I can't buy it online.

    Ignore my avatar, my meter is well and truly buzzing on high at the moment.
  6. Okay Broken Arrow, i give in, you twisted my rubber arm so much I had to order it myself for the 360.

    If the Frau asks, im pointing my finger at you :D

    Roll on next week! Come on Amazon don't let me down!
  7. It's freaking awesome....
  8. Played it yesterday evening and this morning for a few hours, good game but not as good as I had hoped and not as good as the reviews.

    It's no better or worse than GTA4.

    The best thing about it is the scenery and spaghetti western feel.

    Combat is auto aim which requires no skill at all, but too hard to turn auto aim off because it's designed to be played with auto aim.

    The minigames like dueling and poker get boring quick.

    But the main story and acting is quite interesting so far.

    Overall I'd say it's more like an 8 out of 10.
  9. I got my copy from toys r us of all places, It was the second shop I'd tried, there wasn't any on the shelves so I went and asked at the bit where you get the game after you've paid, the bloke behind the counter sighed and went off to fetch a copy, he looked like he was going to cry so I presumed it was his copy that the management has said he could keep if no-one else asked for it. :D

    I Felt a bit guilty for a second or two.
  10. Bastard! :D

    Think I'll try there later this morning, didn't think of there to be honest.
  11. I do try! :D

    We will have to get together and try and get the posse achievement on RDR. I think you need 5 or more pers.

    If your having problems with the game or need some direction, I use this website.

    Red Dead Redemption Road Map and Achievement Guide
  12. Got it on Sunday. Happy days!
  13. Git!!! :x

    Hopefully tomorrow for me!
  14. I have to say it's a bit better than I'd thought now I've played it a bit longer if only for the very interesting story.
  15. Is it me or does the multiplayer take some getting used to?