Red Dawn: the greatest movie ever made?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Tsav, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Of course you have seen it, if you haven't, take off your blonde wig and get out of the north face bag and get it immediately.

    The problem is they are re-making it and instead of a non-dead Patrick Swayze and a non-mental Charlie Sheen they have got f*****g Thor and that whiney little boy from the hunger games, what’s worse is instead of the pesky Russians it is now the peskier North Koreans.

    Aside from my personal horror at one of my childhood classics being butchered what do you guys think about this and generally the spate of remakes at the moment. Any good ones, great ones, bad ones or terrible ones?
  2. I saw an Australian version of Red Dawn t'other week. Can't remember the title, but it was someone slanty-eyed who were the bad guys. It was rubbish.
  3. **** off.
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  4. I was always impressed with the way they adapted Tanks,and APC's,to look like Sov kit,you could 'see the joins' but,a good effort! ;-)
  5. And another thing...

    Remakes. Very few (IMHO) are worthy of the same title as the original. I've heard rumours of a remake of Top Gun. Why? OK, so Top Gun is a little gung-ho and more than a little homoerotic, but it's still a class film. The Jazz Singer with Neil Diamond was a good remake (even if it is 40ish years old now!).

    The same thing with sequels. Some films are great on their own. Why spoil it with a crap sequels? Police Academy was a good, fun film. Police Academy 2 was OK. After that they were shit. Same with the American Pie series of films.

    A few film series are good. Back to the Future (which was written as a trilogy), Star Wars (written as a series) and Star Trek (which evolved well) are the exceptions.
  6. They are currently remaking Total Recall sans three titted lady. That should show you that all remakes are inferior.

    I totally agree with you, bolting on excess sequels or even worse wedging in prequels usually end up bringing down all involved. Terminator 2 is the sequel which surpasses the original for me but the rest of the franchise are bobbins!

    Any other examples?

    On the Top Gun front I have heard that Tom Cruise is signed up and going to be the Viper-esque character in a loose sequel in the same universe. Also Top Gun is being re-released in 3d this year on the big screen.
  7. The re-make of "The Dam Busters" will be good when they eventually find an albino labrador.
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  8. "I'm sorry sir, it's the African American canine, he's been run over. He's dead."
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  9. red dawn was awesome.
    remake has been binned apprantly making the bad guys chinese isnt PC anymore.
  10. I'd like to see them try and re-make Apocalypse Now - that'd learn em.
  11. The remake is due out in November. They had to digitally alter a few bits to make the baddies North Korean instead of Chinese because of fears about it being blanked by Chinese audiences. Either way its gonna be as gash as the original.

    Heat is the best remake ever. LA Takedown was a crap tv movie by Michael Mann but when he made Heat it was ******* awesome. I still bang it on and turn the surround sound up when the bank shootout kicks off.
  12. The only film I ever saw that was as good as the first...or was it even better? was return to lonesome dove, best western ever in my book.
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  13. Red Dawn was w4nk.
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  14. I'd say one of the few films to miss the 'saggy sequel' effect was Aliens- but they very carefully avoided the 'haunted house' remake and went for all out action gunfire. The rest of the franchise were pretty crap though.
  15. So true. My all time favourite film is The Italian Job and i have not watched even a second of the Hollywood remake as i just know it will be total shite and a travesty.