Red Dawn 2012

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Tricky1982, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. Remember the cold war inspired and bloody awful film "Red Dawn" about Russia invading the US? Well it seems they've remade it and replaced the Russians with North Koreans. Looks gash, and filled with much flag waving and a bunch of good looking youths taking on the entire DPRK while constantly coming out with inspiring and deep speeches off the cuff.

  2. Powers Booth was in the Old Red Dawn good actor wasted in that film he played a downed USAF pilot
  3. Saw it when I was a preteen and it was good fun, but utterly unrealistic. The logistics involved in controlling the entire US are mind boggling and impossible--as I constantly tell a coworker who's a conspiracy nutter insistant that the UN, FEMA, blah blah blah are planning a military takeover of the US. If Iraq, a country the size of California, gave the entire US military a headache attempting to pacify it, there's no bleeding way there's any "martial law takeover" of the entire US in the works. Might be mindles fun to watch, though.
  4. The original became a cult classic.... it should have stayed as such! They've had this in the pipeline since 2007. I thought it was Chinese troops doing the invading? Perhaps the DPRK turn up as mine sweepers...
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  6. As I recall, it originally was to be the Chinese, but then the PRC is apparently a major market for US movies, so we can't offend them...The North Koreans on the other hand, aren't big movie goers.
  7. [video=youtube;umDr0mPuyQc][/video]
  8. I wonder if we're again going to be treated to the spectacle of elite paras wasting their preciously limited supply of small arms ammo and anti-armor assets to shoot up a high school?
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  9. Another cheesefest lol

  10. This'll be interesting stuff then.....l would have thought they could have just done a remake with soviets or an alternative future where the SU still existed.
  11. Wolverines! always wondered what one of those was? Was disappointed when it turned out to be a type of badger.
    Though it was nice to see that puma dressed up as a hind was rpg proof. The team America of its day.
  12. Milius took it very, very seriously.
  13. That was one of the finest documentries of its time, truthful, accurate, and lets face it, you don't see Ivan in the Whitehouse? No siree!

    That film led the way for U571 and we should be grateful for the archivists of Hollywood.
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  14. Hardly. It was however a propaganda piece, arguably a rather good one.
  15. I will watch it IF

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