Red Cross report

Just seen on TV that ;

The red cross report says that : The prisoners were treated (by Brits)with contempt, roughed up, hit with rifle butts and hooded.

That is no more than, what can happen on exercise brit v brit troops. I'm not saying it's right but.....

As this is deemed abuse etc can I claim against the MOD ? although saying that I've dished it out as well as recieved it on exercise

The red cross reports other events for which I believe they are bringing brits to trial.

If you saw any of the SAS Desert, Jungle or Are your bollocks Tough Enough programmes on TV during the resistance to Interogation episodes the Volunteers went through , rough handling, hooded, treated with contempt etc

Simon :?
The resignation-resistant Hoon is being questioned about this in the Commons.

The Dear Leader (brightest star of a thousand heavens etc) has said that
he and his ministers were unaware of ... allegations
, until they were raised by the media.

Does anyone else have a strange sense of deja vu about this?

No doubt Billy Liar will be on the phone to Lord Hutton soon, to tell him what the outcome of his next inquiry will be...

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