Red Cap deaths 'not preventable'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scalieback, Nov 17, 2004.

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  2. what a pile of sh1te!!!

    Even if the guys were on a policing action, they should have been given enough round to protect themselves (and radios to request backup)

    Not only that but they shouldnt have been sent into that area in the first place. The headsheds new that the locals in the area were foaming because of the behaviour of the paras (only agressive patroling for hidden weapons etc!!)

    just a witewash. I hope blair etc meet these guys in the next world (and the Redcaps give them a kicking!)

    agent smith
  3. so it's impossible to say , if they'd managed to get in a contact report , that the Paras who were already in the town wouldn't of been able to help them out.

    one word.

  4. Usual shirking of responsibility associated from TCH and his now, lowly regarded MoD.

    Glad to see the Top Brass sticking their neck out for the troops........ :evil:
  5. I heard from a bloke who was with 1 PARA during this action, that the RMP had, per SOPs, left their weapons in the vehicle...

    The follow up action was a full-on, large scale firefight that saw the Paras requiring Warrior assistance to get the upper hand,

    RIP the poor buggers.
  6. There are definately some senior slopey shoulder going into action. On the BBC site they say that orders from on high were given that soldiers were to carry 150 rds each, but this order never reached the RMP.
    That isn't the issue. They should have had 200 rounds per man minimum issued to them, no a poxy 50, and then the MOD had the cheek to say that ammunition supplies were not an issue in their deaths!!
    Stinks to high heaven this.
  7. This is another example of an MOD litigation whitewash, the laws of vicariours Responsibility/ liability spring to mind. I can hear the wispers in Whitehall now
    lets not blame the units involved. Full blame should be aimed at TCH. Sending a poorly equiped, undermaned Army without the proper kit, and the Gen Sir M Walker for allowing it to happen without having the balls to tell him how it realy is, end of story.
    The "we can do" approch by Officers, that TCH has reliyed on so much, is now starting to bite them back it's just sad that man had to die as a result
  8. 150 rounds............I crossed the border with 100! And 100 it remained on my subsequent tour!! Where's this 150 rnds per man crap come from?? :?
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Why are punters suprised by an inquiry that cost millions to tell us "Oh, MoD aint to blame!" They were never going to say they were in the wrong!

    TCH should have resigned years ago!
  10. I thought they did get a contact report out?? didnt the Paras (and Chinook) get bumped as they tried to land the QRF near the town to rescue the RMP`s? The paras then had to extract themselves away under fire?
  11. If we were to carry "ready ammo" we would have 180 rounds. 4 Mags for your rifle and 2 mags for the LSW. Also included would be a bandolier of 150 rounds.

    50 Rounds is only 1 full mag and 2/3rds another. OK then, being petty, 28 coz of sandy conditions in one and 22 in the other. Less than 2 mags though goes in a flash when on rapid fire which is 1 round every 2 secs.

    Being run over in a police station by the En would require you to use rapid fire to suppress the En. That means the RMP only had 100 seconds of ammo with them.

    Nowhere near enough……poor guys. And TCH produces that crap of a report. Utter shite.
    :evil: :evil: :evil:
  12. Have you read the report?

    Or more to the point - WERE YOU THERE!!??

    If not , then can I suggest your comments are nothing more than guesswork and speculation, mainly based on reporting by journalists. How helpful is that?
  13. Yet again upstairs show that their shoulders are slippier than a well greased black run.
  14. Sad to say I have to agree with you :x