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Don't know if this has been touched on but have been out of the service nearly 6 months and still waiting on my red book, spoke to JPA last month on the issue and basically they have told me it is not their responsibility but I have to try and locate my OC and have him write my testimonial and ideas, am I being palmed off by JPA
The 'Red book' doesn't exsist anymore, it is the testimonial report now, you should have written your own insert for the 2i/c before leaving.
blobmeister said:
The 'Red book' doesn't exsist anymore, it is the testimonial report now, you should have written your own insert for the 2i/c before leaving.
Eh, he should have written his own!!, no way, it should have been written by your OC for the CO's signature and then issued to you before you left the unit.
No, it's like your front cover for 'SJAR's', you put all what you want on the document so that 'things aren't lost in the fog' as it were, then it is translated into Officer speak and enhanced as the complete document. this way if you feel that you don't want certain things appear then it's your choice.
And is that how you translate this from the Buisness Process Guide or is this advice that you have recieved from your Bde? just curious as to where this has come from as we are all under the impression (my AOR) that this is now a locally produced testimonial containing the information detailed in V6 JPA Op Bulletin which came out in Apr 08, to be signed by the Commanding Officer of the SL.
We, as a unit have to submit a brief self assest pen picture and bullet points including quals, as I say to bring to the front all that was achieved without losing it in the fog of Regimental life.
Ahh this is a unit thing, ok, I believe that the BPG states that you have to add the quals, posting details etc and a Pen Picture so it would seem that we are firing from the same cannon then, I just wondered if you had heard anything different through the grape vine as with anything they tell us to run localy, everyone will do it differently.


Maybe in hind sight I should have written my own but there is a slight twist to this matter just before I was due out a lump was found in my duct (near the gall bladder) so was posted back to main land UK (was based in Ballymena) had the operation (lovely 12inch scar going across stomach) had 3 months convalescing then had to get all my resettlement in then left 31 Dec 07, now the problem I have is that the camp in N.I. was closed down so I have no idea of finding the Officer to write my testermonial (R Irish) now JPA said they cannot help so it looks like I will never get a testermonial
Ok, there were provisions in place for such a thing prior to V6 release, discharges at Glasgow would write one for you based on your service, try raising a complaint through JPAC to get this issue resolved, contact your nearest military establishment for the contact number (civy) or get acsess to a Mil Phone, 94 560 3600.

Good Luck
6952grumm said:
Cheers Army have tried them they said their is nothing they can do
Mmmm, this must have been done by the Record of Service wing, which is now closed due to money constraints, all their functions were handed out to MCM Div's and the like upon the formation of AFPAA, MCM Div should do it for you, I would go back to JPAC an raise an official complaint, do not take no for an answer, someone has to take ownership of this, JPAC are remitted to come back with a satisfactory answer without closing the complaint until done so.

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