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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by ruby2shoes, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. If a civvy employer wants to see your Red Book but you've lost it, would you be able to apply to the Army for a copy? If yes, is there a time limit for the Army keeping these records?
  2. Hello,
    I have just got mine!!!!

    Apparently, you can get a copy from MCM Div and I do not think that time is a problem. But I may be wrong.
  3. No true civvy employer is interested in your red book, If I hire someone my main concerns are "have they got the skills I need and how fast can they hit the ground running".
    Whatever you have done in the forces matters jack
  4. Red Books are really about as much use as a chocolate fireguard to a civilian employer - except in one respect. Any civilian employer who knows any thing about the military will know that every soldier gets "Exemplary" under conduct unless they have been a complete criminal. So if you apply to me for a job and I ask you to let me see your Red Book, I can only assume the worst if you will or "can" not produce it.

    I would be more interested in your qualifications and the type of experience you offer, just as I would with a civilian applicant. However with ex-soldiers I tend to make assumptions about personal admin, time-keeping, appearance and conduct/attitude. If you don't seem to meet those pre-conceptions then I may look at you in an amber or red light!

    Edited to add:

    Sorry, I will look at you in an amber/red light whereas I don't make those assumptions about civvies. Which is a funny sort of discrimination when you think about it but I would merely say when I buy ex-forces labour, I am looking for something "other". One of my best gangers is an ex-Leading Seaman RN. He is never late - without clearing it. He picks up the slack on his team. He also drinks lots of tea on my time and whinges about everyone else...typical full screw...but he would crawl to work over broken glass with his legs hanging off by a skin shard and all for £6.50 an hour.
  5. McM Div will not replace a lost 'Red Book' But will supply a Certificate of Service which is more or less a certified photocopy of the inside pages which is kept with your personnel records.
  6. I left in '94 after 6 years service, not one person has asked to see my red book!
    These people include:

    4, yes 4, London security companies whilst at uni. (Including Corps of Commissionairs)
    Further ed college and university bods.
    2 multi-national companies I worked for
    Banks, British Legion and Union Jack club.

    And I have exemplary

    Useful book!
  7. I don't think the red book is useful per se, however, on my last job interview, I put together a folder containing, among other things, the testimonial, and my last couple of excellent CR's and an Op Insert.

    If you've got good things written about you, I think it shows people that you are not a chopper, you'll work hard like you say you will, and lets someone else do the talking (the folk who wrote those reports).

    If you are competing with a pool of candidates, such as some civi's who don't have all that "evidence of character", as is were, it might just help you out. Of course, if you put in all that other shite, like irrelevant army spec quals and pampas printouts, it'll do you no good at all - you just have to be selective and use the bits from your past that will help you out. As time goes by I'd expect it would get more irrelevant, and eclipsed after 2-4 years or so.
  8. Good advice Zoid,
    Good post
  9. agreed!
  10. I have not produced my Red Book for employment but have been asked to give a full account of my employment in the RE supported by documentary evidence of construction tasks completed.

    Provided a few non-commital photos described the work as major construction but subject to Official Secrets Act and therefore I was unable to post details but could provide more detail at interview. Never failed to get an interview and got some good work as a result.
  11. I suppose it depends on the field of employment but I have never had an employer ask to see my red book. Im employed in the Oil and Gas industry.
  12. Was asked for mine not a less than a week ago. Would have made it very difficult to progress the job application without it.
  13. Exemplary! FFS.

    speaking as Ex Inf and and employer I also make assumptions about ex servicemen. Generally the same as Cuddles, but Very Good will do me. I wasn't Exemplary myself.

    I always ask for a certificate of service, if only to weed out the walts, although to date I have never managed to find an ex ranker to employ and Ex Officers don't get the red book.

    I presume you work for a contractor? I'm a chartered surveyor and had a bash at recruiting Ex RE blokes who might be interested in getting a professional qualification. No joy though, possibly because the pay is shit until you do qualify (although we pay trainees to do an RICS accredited degree etc, so they do cost us a fair bit). Strangely we got an Ex Arty Officer!
  14. Nothing strange about that considering the amount of survey we used to do. Wibble...
  15. GwaiLo wrote

    I didn't go the RICS route, I became a member of the CIOB and ABE instead, both fees together are less than the RICS rip-off and my salary hasn't suffered as a result. Lots of ex-Sappers are members of the CIOB and do ok very few would be interested in RICS which is so far up its own arse that even its own members don't like it - no offence meant to you.