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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by The beast, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Do you get a red army book nowadays when u get discharged?I was told you only get a 108 or your certificate of service and that is sufficient proof that you were in the army.But the 108 does not mention your discharge conduct anywhere as in Satisfactory,good or exemplary etc...

    Does anyone have any idea about the present situation???
  2. No red book. You'll get a certificate of service were your conduct is entered on the first line. You also get a load of bumf from JPA with (nearly) all your quals on it.

  3. I should think the ones who got discharged nowadays might know, as for me I was not discharged nowadays, rather more like them's were the days, so totally unable to help you.

    However, to be somewhat helpful, the certificate of service states what you did and if possible where. It is an HR document. It cannot, unless you were discharged for criminal offence etc., give detail of internal disciplinary action or of the Army's opinion of you on leaving as that would or could be used against you by a future employer.

    Your certificate of service is, therefore, rather like a certificate of employment.
  4. I gpt a lovely bit of paper. All wrong.
  5. Your certificate of service is what is known as a testimonial, I believe. And unless you f*cked up royally, then will be a piece of paper that bigs you up nicely.
  6. Full of typos? Outrageous.
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  7. I wrote my own, and glowing it was.
    some of the old buggers had theirs written on slate with chalk.
  8. Tuping with me eyes cl0ses. I've got a ******* cold,

    Would you like some of me?

    People have died for less. xxx
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  9. Only if you served with the Russian Army.
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  10. I got mine recently and nowwhere does it state the conduct record.

    But the testimonial is glowing and lists the things I have done in the army.

    Can anyone telll me whether there should be a discharge conduct on the 108 or not???
  11. You did a bad thing then?

    I've got so many medals that they are heavier than me.
  12. Don't worry what it says. Nobody has ever asked to see mine.
  13. If you show me yours, I'll show you mine.

    Too easy.
  14. I will reeiterate the question again,is there supposed to be a conduct record on the 108????
  15. So are employers allowed to probe the army about an ex-serviceman's conduct/record etc...???