Red Book, whats that then?

Two weeks ago a nice padded jiffy bag arrived courtesy of the Royal Mail. Looking at the postage marks and seeing it was from Glasgow I opened it thinking "well sonny Jim, here is your Red Book, something to be proud to show future employers." What I actually got was four loose sheets of paper with my service details on it (discharge date written in ink). My list of decorations, honours and awards showed that I was awarded the Iraq medal TWICE. One with clasp and one without! It even failed to show my Commendation awarded for service in Kosovo. The final page was for a signature (by some lowly Civil Sevant) and a date stamp, one of those made up ones in blue and red ink!! I must say it looks absolutely shite, not even a nice Red Book to store them in. Nil, zilch, nothing. It no longer shows countries served in, or even Regiments/Units attached to. To top it all my Unit has asked me to write my own testimonial!!!!!

Felt I had to put this one in having just read the thread on the RLC forum about Royal Warrants and LS & GC presentations.

I have sent an e mail to SPVA complaints department with a list of errors. The nice desk Captain replied he would try and sort it for me. I won't hold my breath.


War Hero
Army Form B108. I still have mine dated 24/5/1965 and signed in Aden

by the father of a man posting on this forum.

The staples holding it together have rusted away, being non stainless

steel, but other than that all in order.

No one has ever asked me for it though in all my time outside the wire,

so there it sits in a drawer of my desk awaiting the interest of my

grandchildren "in due course" as the lawyers say.
been out since 1993 and never had to show my red book to anyone. Even had an interview with an ex colonel who we had a good chat with and he never once walt hunted me for my red book.


Never had the need to produce mine either. I wouldn't loose too much sleep over it, it's only of interest to you and yours.
but i do have the a.f.b 108b tom be used while awaiting the 108.. I REMEMBER I WAS QUITE SUPRISED WHEN I RECIEVED A GLOWING TESTIMONIAL FROM THE C/O
When I left the crabs I got a blue one, A4 padded gilt edges. Total waste of taxpayers money BUT I can store my o level certs in it
BLUESKINNEDBEAST - Just out of interest when did you leave? I've been waiting for mine since May. Could you send me the details of who I need to contact to find out where it is pls?

I had to fill out a form which was later used to make up my red book so it was all in order, I had to tell them what decorations I had, what countries I served in - with dates, what courses I'd done and what qualifications I had. They did know my rank which was a relief
Quite strange how they didn't have all that info from my P file but at least it was all good info!
looking back I could have bluffed loads but what good would it have done?

I've only been asked for mine once, and that was for a job based on my Mil qualifications, not bad seeing as I've been doing the same job for the last 9 years for various companies!
Min_Jita said:
BLUESKINNEDBEAST - Just out of interest when did you leave? I've been waiting for mine since May. Could you send me the details of who I need to contact to find out where it is pls?

I am on Terminal Leave now and am promoted to "MR" on Sunday 14th September 2008. I will PM you the details of the person at SPVA complaints.
when i first got mine i found it had listed me as going on ex in cyprus, which the reg did about 3 years before i joined! no mention of telic in it either. had a look at a mates and found theyd all been duplicated, someone had just run them off a printer at rhq. got the co to sort it sharp for us. dug it out the other day, don't store it for any length of time next to a softy jacket, it'll make the red plastic warp and go lose- my red book now looks like it has a scrotum forming at one corner...!
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