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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by frank792, Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. I need some please,
    I've been out now for about 6 months and i'm looking at applying for a different job but the only problem is who do i use from the army as a reference ???

    Also how is it i would speak to so see about my red book?
  2. It's quite difficult mate, as many employers want references and won't accept 'testimonials', which therefore renders the 'red book' in some cases, utterly worthless. What makes the situation even sadder, is that your red book will cover an extensive period of of service with the same employer, up to 22yrs in some cases, whereas the people you are competing with for an 'interview' are likely to have bounced around the employment market occupying several jobs, over the same period of time. The 'red book' issue really needs sorting. The MoD should make some moves towards getting employers to recognise your military 'reference' and to make them understand that it is difficult for ex-service people to keep tabs on the whereabouts of their former employing officers. The worst 'offenders' for refusing to allow applicants to use their 'red books' as a form of reference, are the Public Sector.

    If I were you, I'd contact the place where you intend to apply for the job and ask if they will accept your red book. If they won't, contact your last OC and ask if he or she will act as a referee for you, having explained the circumstances for the request beforehand. You're sort of buggered if he/she is on deployment. Best of luck.
  3. I don't think you receive the fabled red book any more. Just a certificate with your service dates along with your testimonial, which will of course appear to be written for someone completely different.
  4. You do. It's a lot bigger than what used to be given out and contains quite a lot, all bound in an A4 sized fake leather red cover....with a note saying 'don't lose it as you'll not get another one'.
  5. I best get on the blower then, all I got was the aforementioned tat. :roll:
    Does it have an army form number? AFB109 etc ?
  6. There's no ref number on the red book cover but the docs inside are:

    AF B 108 A & B & X (1) and (2). - Cert of Service
    AF B 7250A - Job description.
    Nice signed letter from Gen. Jackson (Dear Biscuits, here's your pension, now don't dare darken our doorstep again, etc, etc,) and some meaningless bumph from Glasgow.

    All in a nice red fake leather folder.

    Looks good. But since I left, that's all it's done. I've had to provide names of previous employing officers, who in my case, given how busy they are, have been kind enough to write me some references.
  7. The red book is useless in civvy strasse. I had one employer brielfy flick through, not really interested. I got a few mates to be referees for me, and gave their numbers to my future employer, job done.
  8. I left in November last year, there is no longer a red book, I didnt get anything until I rang JPAC after 4 months and complained, then I received:

    Certificate of Service
    Certificate of Discharge
    Veterans Badge

    Then a week later I received:

    Certificate of Service
    Certificate of Discharge
    Veterans Badge

    Then another week later:

    Certificate of Service
    Certificate of Discharge
    Veterans Badge

    and after much bagdering I eventually got:


    No fake red leather folder and another 4 members of my mess left in the same week and none of them got the red book either.

    I also had to get actual references as well when I went for a job.
  9. I didn't get a veterans badge!! :(
  10. FF,

    Did you receive three lots of Immediate Pension and Gratuity as well? :D

  11. unfortunatley no!

    I was however massively unimpressed that when my lump sum was paid into my bank they also split it between my main account and an allotment I used to have! I didnt ask for it to be done and when I asked why it had happened they couldnt explain it but the girl I spoke to gave me the invaluable advice of "if its gone to another bank then contact that bank and have it transfered to the one you want it in". Cheers.
  12. So it looks like no red book any more. I'll still be chasing them up for my badge though.


    "We don't need no stinking badges"
  13. I am still waiting for my testimonial (I had to help a crow captain write the fecking thing), certificate of service and certificate of discharge. Have to admit after seeing scores of old muckers leave, avec the little red book, I was eagerly awaiting mine. Oh well.......