Red Baps

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Howayman, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. why is this sh!t news? and who are these fuck!n idiots who take phots of Sqn p!ss ups and then release pics?
    Defence Editor
    June 15, 2007

    Dunn, you're a prize cnut................

    Oh, and I hope she pulled a train, good style. Time was, that would have been a good night in the bar......not fcuking page 3 of the scum.
  3. nice baps tho
  4. Oh my god! Squaddies have a private piss-up and drop their togs. Never before in the history of humankind has this happened. This should be front-page news all over the world.

    This is how you make non-news when there's nothing to report.

    Here's another example (made up by me):


    Actual story:

    MP for Puddlington-South Mr George Shaggington-Sheepsby has now moved back in with his four teenage daughters and his wife Agatha. They had lived apart for ten months due to the MP's parliamentary duties.


  5. Nice! I'd bang it into her, methinks she may be a civvie soon for bringing the army into disrepute.

    Congrats on the person who released the pics to the sun, CNUT!!!
  6. The Scum strikes again. W ankers.
  7. I saw this article on RR, I was so hacked off I emailed the scum, I can post the email on here if you like. One thing tho is that she is not wearing an RMP cap, someone on RR reckons its an RM dress cap. It just looks like a stag do with a stripper.

  8. I'll have you know they paied me well for those staged pictures. It more than made up the cost of hireing a few Army hats from the local fancy dress shop.
  9. Finally dug it out..

    Mr Newton-Dunn

    Your article is somewhat inaccurate to say the least. For a start the woman in the pictures is not wearing an RMP cap, female RMPs wear a modified version of the male issue cap with the same red crown as male RMPs.

    Additionally you can buy any regimental headwear from an army surplus shop. Personally I think that these pictures are of some "stag do" where someone hired a stripper.

    I suggest you check your facts and sources before disparaging members of our armed forces who are slogging their guts out in some very nasty parts of the world. Considering your paper claims to support our armed forces I am surprised that you seem to do everything possible to show them in a bad light.

    I would recommend that you are very careful about what you put in print, it may come back to haunt you in more ways than one (remember Piers Morgan).

  10. I agree with Goon_Bde

    Its not the people in the photos who should be disciplined for bringing the Army into disrepute.

    It should be the person who took the photos and emailed them to the defence editor of the Sun.

    Then again there are serving personnel out there who are so Naive (read thick) who have their own blog sites and put photos of their antics on them not realising its public domain and people like this prat TOM NEWTON DUNN will rub their hands with glee on seeing those photos go online, hell they dont even need to pay for them if they are on the public domain!

    Its alright for civvies to have drunken fun but not the Army....
  11. Trust me - I know them all, and she is not a stripper :x

    She is a cunt though.

  12. oh dear, kind of feel stupid now.... :-(

    me and my righteous indignation.... :oops:
  13. The one who should be 'birched' is the tosser who sold these pix to the Sun. If you are about to have a 'good night' in the Sqn bar with all the nudity, drunkeness and strange and sometimes perverted behaviour that occurs then mobile phones or cameras should be banned. Because, and i say this with a heavy heart, you cannot trust your mates anymore who think they might get a quick £500 for selling them on..... Absolute spunkbubble!
  14. I would think it adds more credibility to the RMP, as it shows that they are good lads just like the rest of us!