Red Arrows to disband


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This may be a spurious rumour but has anybody heard anymore about this? I understand a question was asked about it in the House of Commons but was denied by buffoon? Or am I being sold a line here?

They are staying as they are for the foreseeable future.
Should be safe for few a weeks, until they have another brainstorm to save money :x
Regretably I have a nasty feeling about this one Joker,

I reckon they will cut whatever they can getaway with and never mind the consequences. :evil:


War Hero
Yes, I agree with you. I am of the belief that soon all Display teams will have to prove their profitability to survive. I know for a fact that all teams are now using a standardised contract which in my mind is a few steps away from declaring accounts etc.

I think it likely that the Reds will stay. All of their overseas trips are fully financed by the host country, and although there are only token charges for displays here they are considered to be good for recruiting and keeping HMF in the public eye.

The Reds and other display teams (of all services) are powerful tools in helping British Wasteofspace and other arms companies to sell aircraft, equipments and weapons to iffy regimes in far-flung places (with Govt approval, natch), keeping Labour voting factory workers in jobs and earning millions in corporate taxation for Grasping Gordon.

It would be a foolish man who considered chopping the Reds - which is precisiely why we can expect TCH to consider it!
Can the crab fat arrses! Either that or crack open a new box of seawolf!!!

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