Red Arrows - Air Gods or Gits?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuggerAll, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    "They can up tiddly up up and down tiddly down down all they like, but thye are still gits!" Thus spake Blackadder about the '20 minuters' and normally I'd agree with him. Crabs are like dustmen, necessary, useful even, but you wouldn't want them in your mess.

    But - I've just watch the Red Arrows practising, whilst out for my morning jog, and, 'kin 'ell, they are impressive. Makes you proud to be British and part of the same big purple team etc.

    I don't mind weaving in and out of slow moving traffic on my bike, but what they do must require a certain amount of testicular fortitude - just a shame thay are still gits!
  2. Yup. Gits.

    Never forget at a party on the fair Isle a few years back being introduced to one of them..."Hi, I'm Storeman Norman" I said. "Cool" said the dude, "I'm Red 3". I din't know whether to laugh or cry. Good party though. Absolutely harry shiters and my first grand slam to boot!
  3. They might be self important gits, but no-one can fault their 'panache' in the air. I suppose that it might be to do with the fact that pulling all those Gs and suchlike that makes their heads swell! I must admit though that they are great advertising and recruiting tools (pun intended!!).
  4. Will be better with the influx of all the ex Jag Mates!!
  5. Well, the old joke says it best:

    Q. How do you know when there is a pilot in the bar?

    A. Because he'll tell you.

    It's just jealousy. I wish I got 50K a year for living half me life in Cyprus, flying a lovely wee plane and
    getting to bag off with posh birds. Must be a right chore for them :)
  6. a few years back on the sunny isle i happened to be in the pizza place in akrotiri when the red idiots came in the were made by RED1 to sit in numerical order around the table!!!
    the ground crew are a good bunch of lads though its just the pilots that are arrogant to$$ers.

  7. Fair point, but after all they are still common guttersnipes without an ounce of decent breeding between them. Nice flying suits, but cheap, ill fitting civilian attire.

    Penises to a man.
  8. I remember on that same sunny isle some 259 Sigs lads were bigging it up to a couple of female tourists in the Galatex. "Yeah, you know the Red Arrows? We're their ground crew, we come out here every year to train" The birds seemed reasonably impressed until the real ground crew tapped the lying toe rag on the shoulder "no your not, we are". Well I laughed!!
  9. remember as an air cadet being sent out to search an airbase for a missing arrow apprantly had got pissed and wandered off was apprantly found in a ditch more or less carried and poured into cockpit.
    apprantly couple of minutes of 100% oxygen and he was good to go :twisted:
    got the morning off in cyprus as impossible to conentrate on anything with the arrows overhead every other minute so just drank coke and watched the show :D
  10. The other side of the coin, perhaps...

    One of the 2004 team, Matt Jarvis was a close friend of a friend of mine, and I met him on several occasions. He was the kind of man who gets on with everyone - not at all the brash Arrow stereotype. Flt Lt Jarvis died from cancer last year; he dealt with his illness with immense fortitude. The other team members I met were also very ordinary and decent guys away from the red suits and sunglasses. To date they have raised over £20000 for Macmillan Cancer Relief, in Matt's memory, and continue to raise funds.

    They're not tools all the time.
  11. Never met any of them, but saw them at Fairford RIAT last year. They might be gits, but by God they can fly better than anyone else
  12. Never met them but the display is staggering .If Your that good guess you can be an arrogant git .Compared to the arrows any aerobatic display by propeller planes is a very poor second .My daughters favorite possesion is a red arrow teddy bear but she made a
    waistcoat for it at school so it looks more like pikey bear now :lol:
  13. I'd swap places anytime. Don't think it will happen any time soon though :wink:
  14. You don't reach those incredibly dizzy heights of eliteism and supreme talent without the appropriately sized sphericals, gallons of testosterone and perhaps a hint of egotism! IMHO the git tag is just jealousy.... 8)
  15. I met them while visiting Cyprus about 4 years ago. Top bunch of lads, got invited to a block party they were having. I had just got off of one hell of a long ahul flight from Australia via Heathrow and was knackered. The last thing I wanted to do was socialise with these guys. Anyway, arrived bleary eyed at the party and a guy dressed as Elvis says 'Hi mate, good of you to come' and handed me a slice of pizza and a glass of champagne!!!! Later, as I realised they weren't tools I asked who the Elvis guy was aand it truned out he was "Red 1". Spent the week socialising with them and never found out what number any of them were (apart from Red 1). I wouldn't have known they were the Red Arrows but for my growing interest in what they do for a living/were doing in Cyprus. Came away with Mucho respect for them, It might look like a cushy number but biy they work hard. Yes lots of socialising, however, having to hob nob with industry/foreign government officials etc selling UK PLC when they are boring cnuts and all you want to do is walk away, doing that day in day out on top of training, airshows and huge amounts of travel for 3 years? Sounds the high life but wears you down.

    Gits? .... Not the ones I met, top blokes one and all.

    That's not to say 'the Reds' haven't ever been twats, guess it depends on who is OC at the time.