Red Arrows 2012

Somebody has just informed me that the Red Arrows may not be able to fly over London during the 2012 Olympics as they may offend our the Muslim community, is this true?! I'd like to think its b*llsh*t, can anyone shed any light on this?
Infil - thanks for that mate, needless to say I have signed up aswell, will pass that on to the rest of the blokes in my troop as we are currently away.

How dare the Government even consider not using the Red Arrows, they are a great Ambassador for our great nation and the Military. Having been working a lot with the Americans over the years, I know they have their faults, but we could sure learn a lot from them about patriotism.

Broon and his cronies need to know their limits our nation/military will only take so much
I'm not entirely certain that this is a Government issue at present. I like to blame them for lots of things, but I suspect that this is simply an Olympic Committee note that was got hold of by the Sun and blown up out of all proportion. Way too early to guess what will happen, but perhaps if enough people sign up then the Govt will take notice later on if the committee do the wrong thing.

Personally, I think that there are far more pressing issues to think why it is costing me an extra tenner a week to fill my car and Broon and his cronies are filling the countries coffers whilst still promising to raise duty later this year!


Its amazing that something as trivial as a Red Arrows fly past generates 350,000 signatures but more pressing and important matters get ignored. Makes me sick, the Red Arrows seem to be protected by the God himself, I don't care how much they evoke the spirit of excellence or whatever other nonsense reason is used to justify the costs, the fact is we are squeezing the defence budget dry but can afford a display team.
I disagree, the Red Arrows are hardly bleeding the defence budget. Eurofighter and the Apache programmes plus numerous others mainly masterminded by Bae do that. The Red Arrows do a lot for recruitment and keeping the military in the public eye in the UK and abroad.

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