RED Arrow injured at RAF Scampton

They are cursed I tell you, CURSED!
That's so close to being news...
They have said (now) that the injuries are serious.
Following the recent fatal crash, it probably is news.
I suspect their funding will vanish in the near future.
There's no mention of a female in the link. Are you on crack?
I was being facetious. In all seriousnes though, I wish a speedy recovery to the pilot involved. It seems that a faulty ejector seat may be involved.
BBC News reporting that this is a non airborne incident, but one of the R.A pilots is confirmed to be in a critical condition.

A Zero, Zero ground ejection is the only logical thing i can think of at this stage.

I hope the pilot will be O.K.
Never wise to speculate - though I can't help imagining that this is a rather unpleasant way to go.

(That said, I understand that a 'martin baker 10 b' seat does allow safe ejection on the ground while stationary? Anyone know about these sort of things?)

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