RED Arrow injured at RAF Scampton

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by FNUSNU, Nov 8, 2011.

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  1. They are cursed I tell you, CURSED!
  2. That's so close to being news...
  3. They have said (now) that the injuries are serious.
    Following the recent fatal crash, it probably is news.
    I suspect their funding will vanish in the near future.
  4. i feel so sorry for them atm nothing seems to be going right for them does it?
  5. There's no mention of a female in the link. Are you on crack?
  6. I was being facetious. In all seriousnes though, I wish a speedy recovery to the pilot involved. It seems that a faulty ejector seat may be involved.
  7. BBC News reporting that this is a non airborne incident, but one of the R.A pilots is confirmed to be in a critical condition.

    A Zero, Zero ground ejection is the only logical thing i can think of at this stage.

    I hope the pilot will be O.K.
  8. OK, it's news now. Fingers crossed that the pilot recovers.
  9. It does not sound good. I read on one report that his parachute did not open. Hope the pilot makes a good recovery. But, as someone else has commented, this will inevitably bring additional scrutiny to their funding.
  10. Never wise to speculate - though I can't help imagining that this is a rather unpleasant way to go.

    (That said, I understand that a 'martin baker 10 b' seat does allow safe ejection on the ground while stationary? Anyone know about these sort of things?)
  11. News conference from RAF Scampton confirms the news that the pilot was killed in the incident. Another sad loss. RIP
  12. Think we should await more info before secong guessing the cause......
    Thoughts with driver and family