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This book by Rick Jolly OBE has recently been reissued, I read it years ago and was trying to track it down when I came across:

This is a superb book about the field hospital led by Rick Jolly during the Falklands campaign. I received my latest copy today signed by Rick and noticed that all the authors royalties are going to Combat Stress.

Well worth buying the book for the read and the cause.
Copy ordered. I've never met him, but he comes across on TV as a first class gent. Worthy cause aswell.
Received (signed) copy, and read it straight through over a couple of days. Written by somebody who obviously cared deeply about what he was doing, and those around him, both casualties and medical personnel.

It's an enlightening read, and covers an aspect of the campaign that hasn't been recognised, to the extent it should have been. Men doing the best they could, in appalling conditions, with what was to hand. And achieving results that probably exceeded most expectations (including those of some of the MO's, by the sound of it).

Very dignified, and not short of physical, as well as moral courage - swinging around under a rescue chopper was all in a day's work, apparently (!).

Well worth getting, and all author's royalties donated to Combat Stress. Top Gent, if ever there was one.

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