Recycling Laura

The source of the story is a biology teacher at Midland Lee High School who happens to be a Sunday School teacher at the First Baptist Church here. We all know that there is no better source of veracity than a Baptist Sunday School teacher....

Lee High School is in the process of remodeling and renovating the school. Most of the work will be done this summer, and during the first semester of next year. Portable buildings are being brought in for them to meet in until the work is finished. They are in the process of cleaning out closets, classrooms, storage facilities, discarding out of date chemicals, books, etc. The city brought one of the big industrial size garbage dumpsters out to the school and placed it right in front of the building to facilitate the process. The city told them they would come this past Wednesday and dump it, so they could add more trash. Well, one of the departments decided to throw their old desks in the dumpster, and they were put in upside down with the legs sticking up out of the filled dumpster. The city failed to come empty the dumpster on Wednesday as they had promised so when there was no room for more trash, they called to remind them that it was supposed to have been emptied on Wednesday The city told them that they had been told not to dump it. It seems that someone passed by and saw the desks and requested that they not empty the dumpster until they could salvage the desks.... Guess who????

Our first lady, Laura Bush, was in town last week visiting her mother. When they passed by Lee High School, and she saw all the school desks that were being discarded, she called the city and told them not to empty the dumpsters, that there would be someone coming by to collect the desks and they would be sent directly to Afghanistan for the schools there.
Laura Bush.... First Lady, teacher, recycler!

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