Recycling issues: "18 inch shell??..........errrr put it in with the gas cylinders"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. Unexploded artillery shell left at recycling site

    "A controlled explosion at a Woking recycling centre sent shockwaves through the surrounding area on Monday morning.

    An 18in live artillery shell had to be blown up at the rear of the Martyrs Lane site by a bomb squad called by the police.

    Members of staff alerted the emergency services at 8.25am after the shell was discovered in a storage cage."

    Unexploded artillery shell left at recycling site - News - getsurrey
  2. Just a quick question to those that know about things that go bang.

    Why wasn't it taken back and put back into the system rather than being blown up. I assume that it must have been fused and that made it dangerous to handle, but if not then why blow it up?
  3. Pretty sure it's been a long long while since we've had anything that fires 18 inch shells
  4. I am pretty sure it is crap reporting: a shell 18" long no doubt, for a 18" shell weighed about 1500kg......
  5. Given the knowledge of ordnance of the average local rag hack, it was most probably 18" long.

    Where are the pikey metal thieves when they're wanted?
  6. World War 1-and there were only three ever built.
    BL 18 inch Mk I naval gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I think the story confuses 18 inch calibre with 18 inch long.
    That would make it a much more likely thing to show up in a bin than a lump of metal the size of a motorcycle. and weighing 3000lb.
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  7. Taken back where? and put back into what system?? I imagine it was dangerous to handle because it was a blind and had been rotting away in the ground for several years before some farmer ploughed it up or some keeno metal detector enthusiast dug it up. I assume ATO made an assessment and deemed it too dangerous to move so smashed it in situ.
  8. If it was a 18 inch naval type shell why did they not just rip the head off, drill out the fuse, empty the contents down the drain, polish up the case, possible cut down and use as a ash tray, or use as full size as a umbrella stand.

    And sell for a few bob.

    Where has the British Entrepreeur Spirit gone?
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  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    DB216 etc, you have confused shell and cartridge and in any case the charge for an 18" BL would have been in silk bags, not cased. Try being clever next time.

    Japs had 18" in their battleship Yamato.
  10. Proving that no matter how hatstand the suggestion, if an Admiral suggests it, it's "What a good idea, Sir"!
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  11. Wow it seems you can't even leave a light hearted comment without some pam head getting upset about details. Try being less sensitive/boring/morale sapping etc next time.
  12. Did you know that an 18 inch shell fired from HMS Belfast would destroy Scratchwood motorway services?
  13. I can think of better targets and rather closer....
  14. Explosive deteriorates over time making moving munitions very dicey, plus if fused and if it had been fired moving the device again could set the fuse in motion, therefore easier to make it go bang.
  15. I know I'm being pedantic but the main armament consisted of 6" guns...

    You're right about the rest, though.

    What Links HMS Belfast & A Roadside Service Station?
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