recycled piss pot?

Was he fully recycled?
The allegations he was sheltering from the rain are rubbish. Everybody who knew him just refuse to except it, as he was always up for a wheelie good time. Mind you he was known to sleep with a couple of old bags.


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'The GMB union has called for large wheelie bins to be checked individually before they are emptied into refuse lorries.'

er, how about just crediting people with enough f***ing brains to not get into the bloody things in the first place???? and if they havent got even that small amount of nous, maybe it's a good thing they dont breed. god give me strength...
How the hell did the bin get emptied in the first place.

Binmen in Fife check all the bins to make sure they havent put the wrong thing in the wrong bin .

Dead bodies go in the compost bin. Everyone knows that.

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