Recycle or Die!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DigitalGeek, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Good old Richmondshire Council, the pride of North Yorkshire! Recently, blue recycling bags (with the capacity of an average Tesco Bag for Life), were delivered to quarters in the Catterick Garrison area, for the purpose of recycling newspapers, junk mail, copies of the Garrison Gazette etc. Now Mrs Geek and myself are into recycling, and the provision of these bags was welcome, and we duly filled it up with all sorts of miscellaneous publications, (BOWMAN Handbooks etc...).

    Last week we decided to have a bit of a shredding session, (oh how time flies in the Geek household), taking the Governments advice to shred personal documents in case of identity theft, after which we placed the shreddings into two large black bin bags.

    Collection day came for the aforementioned blue bag, and I placed it outside the house. Along came a small flatbed with a cage on it driven by an obvious descendant of Einstien, he hopped down took the blue bag to the truck. Seeing him there Mrs Geek, siezing the opportunity, politely asked him if he wanted to take the two bags of shredded paper as well. After looking at her for at least ten seconds he said they couldn't accept shredded paper for recycling, as they had no means of handling it.

    After a quick phone call to Richmondshire Council, Mrs Geek was put through to the recycling officer, who informed her that shredded paper was difficult to handle and should be put out with the normal waste.

    The questions are these - What is the difference between shredded and non shredded paper when it comes to recycling? Why do I have to put my shredded personal papers into a landfill for some Pikey Chav to rummage through? But above all why are we paying these tossers extortionate amounts of Council Tax if they cannot arrange to take recycling seriously?

    Or is it just a token gesture to meet Government targets?

    :x Makes my frygging hair stand on end (if I had some)
  2. Yes. Recycling accross the country seems to be randomly sh1te in one way or another. In York, for instance, I can recycle plastic but only if it's a bottle. It doesn't matter how many different types of plastic they're made of, only bottles get collcted.

    I keep expecting to see that the recycling collection as been subcontracted to Bighole Landfill UK. It might as well be.

  3. Stockton on Tees Borough Council, County Durham - they provided these small blue plastic containers for recyclable items which we decided to fill one day with cans, beer bottles etc. Only problem is no one actually collects them and they just sit there for weeks and weeks until I decided enough was enough and took them to the municipal tip!!

    Recycling - the possibilities are endless. What a load of shite!
  4. Shredded paper is unsuitable for recycling into more paper, as the fibres are too short, and would make inherently weak paper. You can usually put it in the cardboard receptacles at the recycling locations, add it to your compost heap or compress it to make "fire-logs"
  5. I just know I'm going to regret this!!!
    If paper can be composted why recycle it in the first place
  6. Because you need to add other stuff such as vegetable peelings, egg shells, grass cuttings, dead pets etc to the shredded paper in order to make compost. Paper can only be a very small percentage of total volume, so if you wanted to turn the 340 million tonnes of waste paper we produce each year in the UK into compost, you would have to add 17 billion tonnes of other organic matter into the mix. The result would be enough compost to cover the entire west midlands to a depth of 300 feet.

    Probably! :D
  7. Covering the entire west midlands in 300feet of compost sounds like a FINE idea to me. :)
  8. Where do i have to go and vote for the proposition to cover the west midlands in 300ft of compost.

    Can we guarantee the residents will sit still while we pour it on. Otherwise, they will just move on and ruin some other bit of the country.
  9. When we got our recycling wheelie bin it required months of pestering the council. For some crazy reason they delivered everywhere except for a stretch of about 10 houses.

    Now our blue (houshold waste, recyclable) bin is always full up way before its due for collection.

    Why dont we just buy a big lump of Siberia and dump it there?
  10. I think the whole re cycling thing is a mess. You can put this plastic in but not that. I put about 30 black plastic plant pots in the bin, they had the arrow triangle sign on them meaning they can be recycled. They were taken out of the bin and left on the floor. I contacted the council and they said thet did not recyclr that kind of plastic. I now put all plastic in my normal bin.

    The whole thing is a joke insisted on by the EU.
  11. I gather that the majority of Arrsers on this thread are based in UK. Germans take recycling rather seriously over here and everything gets put in the proper bins, namely glass, plastic, paper, food waste and general rubbish. In our MQE in JHQ the black bins get collected every Tuesday. Most English people who come to Germany have no concept or interest in recycling, and just throw everything in the black bin. Most of them whinge that the bins aren't big enough, but if they disposed of everything properly it wouldn't be a problem. As a result loads of black bags are piled up next to the bin in the street, ready to be ripped open and the contents strewn across the road by the local stray cats. As a result the street I live on looks minging most of the time. I must admit I'm really not looking forward to coming back to UK, as this attitude to waste actually seems to be caused by local councils. (Besides which, my German missus would go spare)
  12. Thanks for that folks, i'm off to make some fire logs with Mrs Geek! Mind you she may squeal a bit when I force her into the shredder!!
  13. Fly tipping is the answer. Well, it will be one day when we all get too
    p1$$ed off with bags and bags of crap outside our doors.
  14. I would not harp on about Germany. The lady who lived next door to me was fumming as they had refused to take her Bio Bin. As it had failed the metal dectector test ( I am not joking).

    With her husband she emptied the bin ans found the problem.

    It was a staple in the string that connects it to the tea bag.

    I think it is all getting over the top.