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Discussion in 'REME' started by mcdoogle, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I'm thinking of becoming a recy mech. I've looked at the official website but it doesn't really go into detail about the training just an overview. Any recy mechs on here that could give a few pointers?

    Also is the training in Borden? If so whats the place like?
  2. Recy Mechs - They unstuck stuck stuff. Fooking brilliant bunch of lads!

    They get drunk, naked, drive around breaking things with big trucks and tanks, they drink some more and then drink some more.

    Bordon - ******* dump.

    Training* - diving stuff, crashing stuff, ropes, cranes, pulleys, more drinking, cutting stuff with gas axes, bit of playing with explosives, digging shite out of mud and getting naked whilst drunk.

    * OK, I'm not too sure what Reccy Mech training is like but judging by most of the one's I've met it must be something like the above.
  3. Don't listen to him, Bordon is an awesome place. Its possibly the best kept secret in the UK. Think Magaluf but with more women (nurses from Guildford mainly). It also has lots of pubs and clubs, good quarters for when you are married and come back as an instructor, excellent shops (including the country's biggest indoor mall) and a leisure park consisting of bowling, lazerquest, cinema and of course, THE kebab shop.

    I may have embellished a little there but some of it is true.

    Ok next to nothing is true, but you do get nurses from Guildford there.

    Nah, not really, its just there's good kebabs.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you are looking to see what they do, then find your nearest REME TA Recy Unit and go have a look.

    Cracking bunch of lads and lasses, fun assured, and when in operation you are EVERYONE's friend. You aren't, of course, at other times :)
  5. Re. the nurses from Guilford, I remember being told that the bus was leaving one Friday night at 6ish to come thru to Bordon, this was in 72, has it arrived yet? Mc d, don't give up your day job yet, I would wait until after 20 October, even if they do shut us down there will be a job on the new executive commuter estate being built at "Bordon Dell." It is worth taking up though, if you are allowed to.
  6. CC_TA - I like drinking, breaking stuff and driving - sounds like I'd fit right in.

    Sparky 8 - I like kebabs so sounds like Bordon will be manageable.....

    Oldsnowy - will do, thanks!

    CrustyBmech - If the bus left in '72, taking the average age of the nurses to be 19 at the time they'd all be around 57 now... bad point - old and saggy, good point experienced!!!

    Seriously though thanks for the replies. What's happening on the 20th of Oct?
  7. I thought the Reccy Mechs weren't part of the big move to St Athan? Or is all that changing again?

    Kebabs - Still in the church car park? Awesome; some of the best scran in the country.

    Crusty 57 year old nurses??? I wanna go back to Bordon now! :)
  8. Well its not official yet but it looks extremly doubtful that we will move en masse to St Athan because of, surprise surprise, cost.
  9. When you're doing the specialist reccy mech training is there tactical stuff and fitness as well or do you leaving tactics back at basic training and expected to do your own fitness training?
  10. Reccy Mechs fitness training is beer, Bordon kebabs from the church car park (Mmmm!!), beer then more beer.
    When theyre not working, they're asleep in their cabs or brewing-up in their cabs!
    Also helps if you're at least 6 ft tall and built like a brick sh** -house!
  11. McDoogle old chap.

    Just coming to the end of a 24 yr tenure as a Rech Mech...I would, without a second thought do at all again. Fitness and Tactics are definately still a part of the job as is the drinking!!
    Do yourself a favour and sign up today as a Rech Mech and be another proud member of the most decorated trade in REME....Gods trade.
  12. Reccy mechs are more important than medics.
  13. Mate, you sound much too inteligent to be a Recy Mech.
  14. You sir are having a larf. I've loads of time for Recy mechs having served with some absolutely brilliant one, but more important than Medics? Try telling that to the families of our dead & the hidden injured.