Recuitment for the Reserves ?

Has anyone recently put in a successful application for reservist ?

I'm constantly getting "Unfortunately, based on the answers you provided, there aren't any options available for you to join the Army." though I don't understand why and can't for the life of me get through to anyone via the phone number provided.

I'm a relatively fit 30 year old, no convictions or illnesses clean license etc yet when I fill in the recruitment section of the army website it's spitting me straight back out and saying there's no options for me.

Used to be a Trainee Guardsman, though only served 3 months as the girlfriend got pregnant through training and priorities shifted, I wouldn't of thought this would bar me from entry to the reserves though (That was 2013) if I delete that I did any service it gives me the option to sign up as a full time soldier but nothing about being a reserve - Full time isn't an option at this stage of my life with a wife and 2 kids.

Was hoping for 4 Yorks (travel to) or RLC (second choice being my local only 3 miles away)

Thanks for any and all answers.
When I left the regs, I joined my local TA (reserves) unit by finding out when their drill night was and just turning up.


As has been echoed, get into contact with either the RLC/Yorks recruiting SNCO - they're wizards and will get you a proper answer as opposed to the useless bunch at crapita.

Also - join that Yorkshire RLC unit. I hear they have some very sexy, handsome and competent subalterns!

Wee Hawken

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Above advice makes sense.

And don't forget that Y Coy 8 RIFLES are at both Donny and Ponty - and would be delighted to talk to you. They are Riflemen and Chosen Men so what more could you possibly want? :)

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