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not sure this is the right place to put this but ok here goes.started p1 training this year 6th jan ATR(w) got to week7,i got an injury playing rugby, pain in my left hip next day...didnt think much of it carried on training for 9 days did loads of PT start to be unbearable pain went MD center they checked me over said i need physo. went he told me,"you could have a stress fracture neck of femur" oh shit. went for MRI scan resaults did confirm stress fracture but in my fermur half way between knee and top of leg! now this is where it gets fun! i was put in fox troop (rehab troop) then was told getting recu MD was told stress fratures take months to heal and it wud be a year before i can think of joining up again (at age 27 now going on 28),so they sent me home from training de-kit and god it was so hard :( (i cryed :( ) on the 21s of march so i got to about week 10 on base of training, now at home i relaxed put my feed up took the pain killers no pain chilled out....then about 20/4/13 wasnt getting pain no more walkin was fine no more limp did 1.5mile runs getting time down again for ADSC :D,still no pain now monday the 13/5/13 had hostpital xrays 9 of them of my leg, sat on the bed waiting for DR. he coming in says i had no sigh of a stress fracture at all, no way my recovery should of been this quick. he said if anything i broke my leg can see the scar on xray where he said it was broke solid no damage at all! ,not a stress fracture the reason i was MD now iv got my date for discharge im woundering can i appel? 21/6/13 can i get this over turned on the misdiagnosis from the MRI doctor and get back into training?
sorry for the lenth and detail
I'd edit this post if I were you. Into English would be a start :)

There is a search function here - well worth having a shufty round it.

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