Recruting advert

They made a recruiting advert at 20 Armd Bde HQ & Sig Sqn about 1976. Most boring thing to witness being filmed as it went on and on and on. I know it was shown on the box in the UK but I never saw it. This was the days before BFBS had tele. Anyone got any ideas where a person could find out if they are held somewhere in a little box say at MOD or would it be the property of ITV or something? Could have been destroyed but I doubt it. Would love to see it and laugh my goolies off. Starring Paul Phoenix and Baz Ennels in my 432. I was too ugly to be a star 'sob'. :cry: They didn't actually say that, but I know that's what they meant. I'll get my own back one day you wait and see. :D

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