Recruits - What do they call them now???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by No1_port_side, Oct 31, 2005.

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  1. A long time ago when I was an instructor at the Depot we had several names for the unsuspecting creatures that turned up to be "moulded" into fighting soldiers, I know a long time earlier I was one of them!

    I remember that the yanks used the term "rookies" for raw recruits so of course the obvious Enlish translation was "Crow"

    So it all recruits were called "Crows" for a period of time, that then somehow transmogrified into "Joe Crow" and then shorthend to "Joe or Joseph"

    What is the updated term for recruits currently utilised by depot instructors? ( not the PC versions please)

    And has anyone any different colloquial terms for the said creatures??? (not counting Cnut of course!!)
  2. I always thought that crow stood for Combat Recruit of War But I was probably told wrong.
  3. I used to use:

    1. FNG(s)......................... Fukking New Guy (s)
    2. Mong......................... Spin the mong, on the range, after doing 10 fast circles static with head down, eyes open, then run from 200-300 point, first mong to fall over does it backwards
    3. Pole.......................... From 'Tadpole' which came from 'Pond life' which ended up as 'pole'
  4. Royal Artillery Recruits-NIGS-New Intake Gunners!
  5. I was a NIG - New Intake Group then New In Germany once posted.
  6. The obvious one which has been missed out - sprog.

    Haven't a bloody clue of the derivation.
  7. From