Recruits to the Corps

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Davros_the_Dalek, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. Yes.. What the hell is going on! We have a reputation to uphold!

  2. Im not sure - theyve had me digging holes / sweeping sand / locked in a dark room with no windows (d

  3. No way! Id do the hole in a dolphins head so anything coming through is a bonus for me!

  1. Right..

    Having come back to Butlins after being on a sandy holiday I was deeply saddened by the amount of eye candy there is on offer. I seem to remember that when passing through Templer quite a number of years ago, we were presented with quite the selection of young fillies to gawp at on a daily basis. Seems that now the standard is slipping. Is the Corps actively recruiting more 'bog-standard' types or is it just me? I would have thought they'd have got better if anything having been away..

    Come on now.. we've got a reputation to hold up.. It's getting to the stage where GCO/BCO are going to have to change the line on the Int Corps thread from 'Damn fine looking women', to 'Same crap you see in every other bloody unit'.


    Dont get me wrong, there are a number of fine specimens, but come now.. we seems to be going down the line of quantity over quality - at least from a man perspective.
  2. Are you sure it is not just a case of creeping excellence?

    Several years ago you were pished the majority of the time!!!!!!

    And let's face it, you only remember the pretty ones. Think hard now, can you remember any of the ugly ones that you never took any notice of???

    didn't think so. It's human nature......(but that shouldn't worry you) oh well. Is there a Welsh one there yet? CR knows of her.. :twisted:

  4. Haha.. no.. she doesnt get here till January now. Haven't you been keeping up old bean?
  5. Nope...don't get out much obviously..
  6. Darksider then?! Or just a wannabe? 8O
  7. He's been there 2 seconds and he knows when she's arriving. Stalker Alert!!! Have you earmarked her for extra lessons (with 1 to 1 tuition) after classes finish?
  8. don't worry, think her standards are too high for davros to stand a chance

    and that's pretty sad for davros, considering she's welsh lol ;)
  9. You cut me deep CR, you cut me deep.
  10. Have to agree, the Signals seem to be getting the quota of decent lookers these days.
  11. You swear Sir!!!

    Lightsider - Always have been!
  12. Have to agree with CR there Davros - you're not exactly beating them off with a shitty stick are you. Or have things progressed since you phoned the cell from the UK whilst on R&R? :D

    POTL coming to an end soon. :cry:
  13. i wondered why he asked me for mortar platoon's phone number. the poor, sex-starved thing.
  14. Never mind Davros...think how sex starved Mortar Pl have been with Davros on leave and CR away camping :) :) :)
  15. I'm sure they've been fine. What with their spar bag antics in the bar and things..

    CR camping? I thought he was just plain camp.. or downright bent?!