Recruits to Fat to fight?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ventress, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

  2. That shouldn't be even a remote option. Allowing extra time for an interested lad or ladess (hell, as I was typing that, I was thinking lardarse) to meet the standard might pay off, though. It would cost more, of course, but all those empty slots aren't drawing pay. Those empty slots, on the other hand, are plugging part of the budget shortfall.
  3. If the bloke is big but fit. Let them in. I'll work with them.

    But if he cant keep up with me on a CFT how can we expect him to keep up on an advance to contact.

    Lower the fitness levels = Lower the life expectancy of the soldier in theatre.
  4. BMI is a flawed scale anyway as (as probably highlighted countless times on here already) it does not take into account muscle weight. I'm 14 stone and fit enough that I can outperform someone 5 years younger and 4 stone lighter than me in all aspects of the PFT. However last time I has a BMI (a cycle to work event last summer) I was told that I was pre-obese! So I can understand not being so reliant on the BMI, but I don't think its a case of making the PFT easier.
  5. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Bear in mind, this is the entry standard for training. I accept that some of these guys will get through training and still be a bit lardy but the majority should come out fighting fit.
  6. now that 16 year olds are too fat to join and unfit. does that mean i can become unfit and fail my pfa's
  7. BMI is a flawed system to chose recruits anyway. James Cracknell (Olympic multi- gold medal winnder, Atlantic rower, etc) apparently did the test and was told he would be considered 'obese' and prevented from joining the Army.

    I don't care what shape they are as long as they can do the phys and keep up with the rest.

    I did a CFT earlier in the year- about four blokes (all young, none particularly fit) dropped out. The QM (46 years old, rather rotund) passed.
  8. Yeah, maybe they're all buff as f*#k. Lots of 16-year-olds who can deadlift 500 lbs and do 20 consecutive pull-ups. Because that's the kind of person we're talking about whose muscles are so large that their BMI is 30+.

    I mean, I agree with you that the BMI is flawed - I'm also supposedly borderline obese according to my BMI, and my body fat percentage (much more accurate) hovers around 7.5%. But are we kidding ourselves that 2/3 of our recruits have more muscle than most serving soldiers?
  9. Remember that old training film "Too Fat to Fight"?

    What a classic, it was almost as good as the dangers of drugs fim.
  10. For the last six years of my 23, I used to do a BFT once a day. OK until last six months, 6 days a week. Mind you depending on posting sometimes Morning and evening.
    Fitness is very much a personal matter and young entrants NEED to be encouraged to up the standards.
    Its far easier when your young then when your approaching old nakker status.
  11. If they can pass the fitness tests then they must be worth at least beginning phase 1 training. I personally have a very low tolerance level for fat people in the army. Once you are in then it surely must be part of your personal responsibliltiy to keep your weight (and fitness) within recognisible limits for your height and gender.
  12. Hellloooooo,
    most 16yrs. old do not have a balanced life, let alone a balanced food intake. I want it fast and I want it now, K fried rat or M. Ds. Fat in makes fat grow.
    Result FAAAAAATTT. oooppps forgot me Pizza. More fat.
    Mum forgot basics, 5 a day helps work, rest and play. What's play? Me, i'm always resting 'cos I got to play me x-box, me playstation, not forgetting me Nintendo retro games.

    So, youth of today means.... no imagination to create for ones self!!
    Let alone that they can't exercise or think for themselves.

    Oh! and did I tell you I am 53 and have seen this comming.
  13. now this is dead easy to point at the fat kids, but who let them get to that state? The parents so whose fault is it really? Or didn't they have the balls to say no, or did they not take their kids on holiday campling and hiking. The kids only do what they have been shown!!!!!!!!

    Lead by example ring any bells?

    And this whole fat issue is a typical government example of government sidestepping te issue of people not wanting to join up because tyey will get sent to a war that isn't their fight!!

    At the end of the day, it is our fault, we didn't step up and stop the kids from being like this and we voted this government in! (i count myself in that)

  15. I'm a fat cnut at the min, but I'm fitter than I was when I joined as a scrawny 17 year old. Fitness is definitely one of the most important aspects of soldiering.