Recruits Guide to SEAE Arborfield (Phase 2)

I've typed up a post on another thread outlining what happens when you arrive at Arborfield as a phase two student. I thought I'd give this it's own thread.

Life and Living at Arborfield:

A Company

A (Foundation) Company generally refers to the living accommodation you will be living in for the first 12 months of your time here at Arborfield. The accommodation is fine, fairly recently installed bathrooms and brand new kitchenettes/utility rooms are currently being installed. The camp has just had high speed internet installed in the blocks.
There are two blocks that make up A Coy, the corridors feature 8 man, 4 man and single man rooms. Single man rooms are exclusive to LCpls and Cpls from the Marines or REME who are doing the same course, or an upgrade course.
Although the staff at the moment are sound, you are treated like 18 year old's. Regular room inspections, OC's parades every Monday morning, easily awarded AGAI's (show/work parades) are common. The older lads/lasses tend to be more bitter about the whole experience (I was). Oh, A Coy students are under curfews, where you have to be on camp after 2259 every night except Friday and Saturday.

B (Combat Systems) Company

For those who decide to be an electrician on land based equipment, you will move to B Coy upon successful completion of all the courses you do whilst in A Coy. Life in B Coy is more relaxed and you are treated more like adults and JNCO's (the majority of B Coy personel are LCpls and Cpls anyway). No curfews, as long as you turn up to parade at 0745 every weekday.
B Coy accommodation is one big building, made up of mostly single man rooms. You will be initially put into 4 man rooms for the first 7 weeks, of which then you will be moved into single man rooms. Although the building is one of the oldest structures on the Garrison, the interior doesn't necessarily give that impression. Brand new kitchenettes and new bathrooms have been installed, as well as internet! Room inspections are done at most, once a week, same as with kit inspection. AGAI's are awarded less, but should you pick an AGAI up whilst in B (or C) Coy, it will show it's ugly face on your report when being considered for promotion.

C (Aviation) Company

After life in A Coy, the Avionics and Aircraft technicians-to-be are sent to accommodation which is the exact same as that of A Coy. It turns out, that they are next to each other, just separated by a disused block (used to house the Rifles during Op Olympics). The rules are better, and so is day-to-day life (same as B Company). From what I am told by some of my pals in C coy, the staff are OK, there's always a nerdy corporal on the staff who loves the power, and will shout at you for as little as farting during the mornings nominal roll, 'cause it makes him feel less nerdy.
The lads that have the academic skills to make it to C Coy will be subject the biggest slice of banter that the REME has to offer, i suggest that it's due to envy. Techs get lots of banter in general, but blue-hats get it that little bit more!

Phase Two courses

3 Months - Common Foundation (Basic Maths, Science, Drawing/Materials, Workshop)
3 Months - Technical Foundation (Advanced Maths and Science)

At the end of this initial 6 months, you will be required to do a group presentation in front of the A Company staff, on something to do with the REME in past conflicts (Balkans, Op Herrick etc). Once successful, you will remove your red tab and will no longer be required to march around camp during working hours (somewhat a right of passage).

From this point, it splits into two paths; Electronics (Av and Combat Sys) and Aircraft Tech.

Electronics Technicians (Avionics, Combat/Land)

6 months of Basic Electronics (electronics lessons, and workshops [cable repair, soldering, circuit boards etc.).

At the end of this course, electronics students will leave A (foundation) Company to go to B (land) or C (aviation) company (depending upon your given trade)... (In my case, I wanted to go Avionics, but due to the lack of places for the Av course at the time, only the top three students in my class were chosen. I ended up doing Land Systems).

Avionics students will complete a 6 month Avionics course, then do their PNCO (promotion course).

Combat (Land Systems) students will complete a 7 week CEAB course (telecommunications, radar principles, optronics and control systems) followed by a few weeks of hands-on equipment workshops, before being loaded onto their PNCO (promotion course). After being promoted, you will be loaded onto your Equipment course, based on the postings and the equipment you have chosen/been assigned. The longest equipment course I know of is the Challenger II tank course, which lasts 4 months.

Aircraft Technician

7 week long Technical Education course (Principles of Flight, Angular motion and Materials[I presume])

Aircraft students will leave A (foundation) Company after this short course, and go to C (Aviation) company. Once they get to C company, they were undergo a course which lasts approx. 12 months (maybe slightly longer), then do their PNCO (promotion course).

**If you fail any exam, you are given a re-sit. If you fail the re-sit, you are removed from course and you will be looking at another trade in the Army. If you're in the Rugby or Football team, you'll probably get a 2nd re-sit.**

Phew! As you can see, all three trades mean you are here for a particular period of time, but easily for two years.

Additionally, people don't always finish one course and get loaded straight onto the next. When and if this happens, a student will be placed on SNUT (Soldier Not Under Training) and will do odd jobs around camp and other places off camp (day-to-day). If you're lucky you can also do courses and exercises whilst waiting for your next course to start.

How much time do u get off (evenings/weekends?) ?

I get up at 7am everyday
parade at 7.30 (A Coy) 7.45 (B and C Coy) for register (nominal roll),
parade again at 8.00 for announcements (A Coy)
8.15 lessons start,
10 - 10.30 morning break,
12 - 13.15 lunch,
15.00 - 15.30 afternoon break,
finish lesson at 16.45.

Evenings, do what you want, leave camp, whatever you like really.

Mon - Fri, weekends off unless special occasion.

If you drive, the Guardroom will tell you about car parking when you arrive at camp.

Any questions, feel free to ask.
Cut and paste this into the sticky above. As a thread it will get lost and this info with it. Thats the point of the sticky, it stays on the front page.

But then again, this info is only relevent for the time this info is and SEAE regularly changes the way it does buisness....
"An electrician on land based equipment"? WTF are you on?!
Can believe the OP calling a nominal roll a ******* register! You're in the Army, not a ******* civvy college.
The syllabus explains the panicked look bewilderment on baby Techs faces when I was signing off certain sections of their 3-2 book.
there's always a nerdy corporal on the staff who loves the power, and will shout at you for as little as farting during the mornings nominal roll, 'cause it makes him feel less nerdy.
Or maybe its because hes a full screw and your disturbing his parade.
As this thread appeals to recruits (civvies) so the use of the word 'register,' is completely justified.
Agree - good article. I once joined a company that had so much jargon and TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) that they had to publish a dictionary, (the famous DEC Dictionary) to explain all the terms. It's good to put things into layman's language, with all acronyms expanded in the first instance.
Yeh one of the things i tried to avoid was using the acronyms, it baffled me when id ask for info on here and got lots of initials thrown at me!

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