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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Adolf, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. Ive just joined a TA unit after 12 years away from the regular side.On initially joining my unit I was informed that I would not have to go through initial recruits training again,but would only have to do the 2 week battle camp, as the unit was happy tp bring me up to speed.
    Ive now been informed that I have to attend Grantham for my 6 weekends. I can see the point of attending for 1 or 2 of the weekends that the unit cannot cover, but I cannot get my head around having to do all the recruits training have served for 9 years, including seeing action in the Gulf and completing All Arms Commando Course.

    I know that the Recruits course is shelved if you have been away from the army for a shorter period,but is there no middle ground.

    Are there any exceptions to the rule???

    Im no slacker,but at 40 the thought of going of to be a recruit yet again, has put me right off.
  2. Adolf, after 12 years away a hell of a lot will have changed, we now have BCDT CBRN BPFA and SA80A2's to name a few, I'm afraid if you are serious about the TA then its grin and bear it time.
  3. Have you forgotten in the 12years you have been out that the Army is based on discipline and rules. Them's is the rules, get on with it!
  4. Cheers CSM,have you forgotten rules are for breaking. LOL
  5. In addition to lots of things having changed in the last 12 years, the average age of TA recruits is much higher than that of regs, so you aren't going to be the odd one out in a throng of annoying teenagers. You may well not even be the eldest there.
  6. I know who my money would be on...

    No way out, Adolf; thems the rules ( and things have changed a LOT... )
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    It's only six weekends, I'm struggling to see what's unreasonable about it. You might learn something and (equally importantly) you can pass on good habits and tips to the people with no mil experience at all.

    Plus you'll get paid. Everyone's a winner.
  9. I agree with all the above responses. A lot of things have changed, and the refresher will do you good, .

    And besides, it's a short, easy course; you should walk it. You could put in for a fast-track course, where you do Phase 1 all in one go in 2 weeks, if you're impatient, although I don't know when the next one is.
  10. I underwent my six weekends with a few ex-regulars, including a couple who were only just past the six year cut-off. Several of them commented that they had gained quite a lot from the weekends; either they had covered new areas that hadn't been around in their time or it had helped to refresh their fading memories.

    Good luck
  11. Cheers for the replys guys.This has certainly focused my mind and changed my views of Phase 1.Head down and crack on,hoping Im not the oldest.
  12. which RTC?
  13. Dont tell him yer name Pike!
  14. Don't let it put you off.

    9 Years is a long time.
    The recruit cadre will fly by for you to be honest.

  15. That's me fecked for rejoining then!