Recruits....are they Vulnerable Adults?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. Our PRA branch which has a bar in Malta Bks in Aldershot has been told that if we want to use the bar when the TA recruits are there then each member has to have a CRB check at the cost of £80 each because a recruit is classed as a child! Surely this can't be right?
    Does that mean that everyone on a training Regt has to be CRB'd?
    Personally I think that the muppets at Malta Bks just want rid of the PRA as they've been chuntering for ages about us having a bar there.
  2. You have to be CRB before posting to a Trg Establishment; however, my understanding is it is because you are likely to come into regular contact with under 18’s. We still get under 18’s arriving in the field army, they have to be looked after under certain guidelines, however, there is no requirement for everyone to be CRB

    Casual visitors are not CRB so you could always put yourself in that category. I suspect someone is just being obstructive to you by hiding behind a regulation.
  3. That's what I thought Caarps...I've got 2 CRB's for the charity stuff I do and I was baffled when I heard about this, the bars only open Friday and Sundays for a few hours and there's no contact with the TA recruits what so ever, the PSI's come in and use it and that's about it.
    There's certain individuals there that have got the hump with us without a doubt.
  4. As you know Jack, the money making scheme that is CRB expects you to have a separate check for each activity, however in this case, you shouldn’t be affected if you are not directly involved with the recruits and if you do come into contact they should have an instructor present. Sounds like a bit of an ego trip or jealousy, how very uncommon in the Army
    No doubt someone will be along shortly to tell me I am spouting Bollox (again)
  5. if they've got recruits under the age of 18 then it should be their responsibility to have them supervised at all times (by someone who they have had CRB checked). If you use their logic schoolkids would't be able to go on a trip somewhere without CRBing the entire population of their destination- a bit inconvenient.

    Well if you're spouting bollocks Caarps, I agree with you, just not quite as quick to post!
  6. All recruits or Soldiers Under Training (SUTs) as we have to call them now are classed a vulnerable adults. This also applies where I work and we regularly have people in their mid to late twenties coming through and I'd imagine the TA would get people of a similar age range.

    Not sure about the CRB though, I am regularly in contacts with the crows and haven't been CRBd.
  7. I had to be CRB before I went to a Phase 2 Establishment, so it may be Corps specific, however, I was under the impression that it happened at the Phase 1 locations as well, but like I said mate, I could be wrong
  8. Your suspicion is correct my work place requires all employees to have an enhanced CRB as we work with little scrotes sorry that should be troubled teens aged 16-18. We regularly have visitors, family and maintenance workers etc but there is no requirement for them to be hold a current CRB as the supervision of visitors is part of my staffs duties and responsibilities. Ask to see the specific section of their risk assessment documentation that states you must have a current CRB but don’t hold your breath.
  9. For many years, the billy bigshots of the TA (and a couple of regulars) who 'DS' (or have otherwise given themselves a fancy title) at Malta Bks have been getting the hump with anybody who so much as threatens their mere chance of world domination from within the confines of the chicken wire fence and wooden huts.

    If you go to the supermarket, you might be near U18s. If you go to the cinema, bowling alley, ice rink, go karts, paintball or public library you might be near U18s. Do you see those places kicking out anyone without a CRB?

    If you are a complete member of the public (IE vet), you require no CRB check. The only thing I can think of is that if you are still a soldier using the PRA bar to have a friendly drink on a Friday night, you may come under the same legislation that all serving soldiers at RTCs need to be CRB-checked, but the fact that you are off-duty should exempt you from that.

    IMO, it's probably simply a case that some self-titled billy bigshot CFT-failing STAB officer who has named himself the 'RTC Malta Bks Buildings & Facilities Officer' or similar, has decided that he wants an 'Officers Mess' at Malta because he sees himself as far too important to be drinking with the recruits, and has eyed up the PRA bar at Aldershot as a good target, being only 10 yards from his office and all.

    So once he's got all the members to agree that drinking in Farnborough is cheaper than getting a CRB check, he hopes they'll all leave and he can offer his YAGI of 'Oh look, wouldn't it be wonderful to have an Officers Mess here, because drinking with recruits is frowned upon' to the Camp OC (is it still the fit RE chick? We went there years ago to pick up some lads from their pass out and the OC woman was a proper looker), and have an 'Officers Mess' go in the PRA bar, where he can drown in his own self-importance and not have the recruits watch him grandslam on 3 pints of Fosters, the lightweight that he is.

    That's my verdict. I'd simply ask whichever loudmouth it is that's spurting this shit at you to provide you with some legal proof that you need a CRB before you and all the other members go flashing the cash on something which you won't be needing for anything other than being able to give Billy Bigshot a few bits of paperwork to file in his little office so he can feel all important, whilst he comes up with another bullshit policy to have you out of your bar.
  10. Well if they want us out they can give us the money back that we've spent on the bar and it's fixtures! Mind you....we do have a VIP as our President who I'm sure if push came to shove will intervene......that is my opinion and not the MoD's!!
  11. I now work in a school and with the cadets and the rules are if you are left unattended with students/cadets you need a CRB,however if you are off duty and they are off duty you do not need a CRB. The barman might need a CRB but define regular contact? I would check with someone in the recruit training team to confirm.
  12. Crow_Bags was spot on,

    long gone are the days where below/over 18 was the magic number. Its all about Young People these days which is up to the age of 25....... to the point t hat Youth workers who specialise in dealing with those who are 18-24 still need a CRB check....

    On the flip side anyone of any age joining the Army is classed as a Vulnerable person even if they are the upper limit of 28 (I might have that age wrong). That all came about with the Army desperately trying to cover its arse after the Deepcut Fiasco. Also people who are serving and placed on the SAM system can and often should be classed as vulnerable people.....

    edited to add, the vulnerable person tag used to stay during phase 1 &2 training, I think they tried to extend that to phase 3 as well, but it would have caused so much chaos as to be unmanageable at unit level, the whole phase 3 argument being that they they were trained up soldiers by that stage. But I am probably 18 months behind on what has happened in this realm
  13. I've got CRB clearance but still get barred from places for looking at people. espec if they are under 24 and wearing a skirt.
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Well since it seems that all "young people" under the age of 24 are vulnerable people, then I would suggest that the Government may be in breach of its duty of care under the vulnerable persons act by send said people between the ages of 18 and 24 into an operational theatre where they might get injured or killed. So any of you lads and lasses out there in places hot and sandy under the age of 25 might be able to sue the Government for huge amounts of compo and I'm sure some scum sucking claims company will be along shortly to assist!
  15. My son starts Phase 2 later in Jan. His joining instructions that he received a week before Christmas state that he needs a CRB in place by day 1 of the course. As CRBs seem to take months to come through, how critical is this? Why would a 17 YO SUT need a CRB for his training?