recruits and CS gas

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sammymantha, May 13, 2006.

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  1. I'm sorry but i find this discusting. I have no experience of the respirator drills but this cant be right. I know that its unpleasant for the recruits when they do it and its done for a reason but surely of all the training this was the one area that was most at risk of abuse.,,2-2006220184,00.html

    Please people who have gone through these drills reassure me in particularly that this is the normal proceedure for the drill. The army will suffer big time from this. The odd bit of physical/sexual abuse may be over seen in a couple of months, but having recruits attacked by CS gas is another.

    Sorry just my view.
  2. Strike another person won over by the scum!
  3. PTP has already locked the previous thread on this as it is an ongoing investigation. Please no more posts.
  4. I don't know about normal people but I had my little CS experience with the US army;

    A while spent in the chamber, including jumping up and down etc, then one person at a time removes their ressie and had to give name, number and regiment. It was tough to get it all out as you were made to take a breath beforehand, you were held in there until you'd done it or they thought you never would manage it - then you went outside and flapped around.

    I've not seen the entire video the scum shows. If they are laughing that's a bit much. Remember that CS gas isn't actually harmful, it's an irritant. I'm not going to pass judgement until the facts are known.
  5. The NCO involved is clearly a bully and needs his arse kicked around the block a few times! When I done initial NBC training yes we were told to remove our S10s and say our regimental number but that was all, not made to answer questions and be the centre of some sick amusement prank. Likewise if we ever showed signs of distress we were immediately taken outside away from the gas.

    I bet this guy thinks he is a right smart Ass! I hope he gets whats coming to him! Effing Prat!!!!

    There was another thread (removed as per site policy as its under investigation).

    Read the article above all squaddies are exposed to CS.

    The scum sensationalises everything, do yourself a favour read something more educational like the Beano.

    Do a bit of digging before kneejerking, ask your Army brother/housemate!!

  7. Like many service folks here I have endured the CS chamber as both a recruit, trained soldier and instructor. Also to boot be exposed to CS spray as a Special Constable in training whilst at Hendon.
    It's part of the drills and will prepare all those who will be involved in public order situations for both the effects of the chemical but also the recovery period required following exposure.
    The Scum wants to sell newspapers and get you to part with the Queen's shilling. Any news whether it's true or not will attract the public.
    Rule is don't believe all that you read in the media.

    IMHO this site will give you the real detail from men and women who have experience of this military test and how it is conducted.

  8. Here's a big clue Sammymantha. If a thread or subject has been locked, there is a reason.

    Once again , before you post, just make sure the topic hasn't been posted before. Arrsers in here are quite a sharp lot on news stories , it's very likely if you're posting after mid-day , the story is already up somewhere.

    Once again , we do not allow discussion on cases either pending or actually in formal investigation or trial which concern Armed Forces Personnel.

    Locked pending deletion AGAIN.

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