Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Miss_Smith, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. I have decided to join the Army, I've done a fair bit of research and I understand what level of fitness I need to be at and I'm working at it too!

    My query is how long will it take from filling in my application form in the careers office to being asked to go to the ADSC?

    The reason I want to know is because I was planning to fill in the form tomorrow, however I know I need a bit of time to work on my fitness. I know it takes a few months but will they give me a date and I have to get fit for then? or do they let you build up your fitness before you get a date?

    I know I could ask in the office but I thought I'd see what you guys think!!

  2. Hey, generally it is likely to take a couple of months, but this all depends on your circumstances.

    If you're not ready fitness wise, they won't send you anyway. They don't want to send you just for you to fail. Be honest with the recruiters and they'll help you through the whole process.
    I filled my form in in Feb this year, and it was August before I went to ADSC, but I needed to take the time for work commitments etc, so wasn't in a rush.

    How fit are you? and best of luck with it all!
  3. I am fairly fit. I don't really know how I compare to the army standard to be honest. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and I work out hard, I don't just dither about!
    I know I need to get my running time down but I haven't timed myself doing a 1.5 mile run outdoors. It's too dark for me to do my usual route as it's all country roads but that is 5 miles and I'm sure I was doing it in an hour or so.
    Also I need to work on my upper body strength, I cannot do more than 4 press-ups and I'll be surprised if I can do any heaves! I've always worked on my legs and stomach when it comes to toning!
    I've found a running club near me, it's really cheap to join and they do a 10k run every week so I think it will be in my best interest to go next week and join up.

    I work full time at the moment but I go to gym classes after work, i sometimes do some cardio in the gym before work which will help me lose a couple of kilos as my weight is a tad over.
  4. if your running 5 miles in an hour you should have no problem doing the 1.5 mile run in a decent time frame. as for the press ups if your only doing 4 then I'd recommend tricep dips, builds the triceps up to a reasonable standard then makes press-ups a hell of alot easier =]
  5. Miss Smith, I have just finished in recruiting so am fairly up-to-date with what is required. Like most people coming from 'civvi street' you are not alone in not knowing what is required as a basic fitness for the Army.
    The process should take anything between 6 and 18 weeks depending on your fitness, atittude, conviction and job vacancies.
    The run and pull-up etc at ADSC (Selection centre, which you do after about 6 weeks, if your suitable etc) for a female is 14 minutes for a mile and a half and you also need to do maximum effort on the pull-ups and depending on the job you want this all counts towards your Physical Selection Standards for the job.
    The best thing you can do is touch base with your local careers office and speak to a recruiter, they are trained in all the requirements etc and will give you an informed brief and they don't bite.....honest.
    Good luck in the process.
  6. Hey

    I first stepped into Army Careers mid sept and i have ADSC date scheduled for 29th Nov so for me a good 8-9 weeks, but can vary as my med docs were sent sharpish so all depends on how smoothly it goes i guess.
  7. 5 miles an hour means 12 minute miles.

    Even female soldiers have to be able to run 1.5 miles in less than 18 minutes.
  8. Well I hope they take longer than that, I'm trying hard but I don't know how long it will take for me to get fit!!

    I'm going to do my usual running route and time it tomorrow, i'm sure I don't do 12 minute miles!!

    I'm just really excited so I want to fill in my form this week rather than wait till next month as these are the only times I can get to the office. i don't suppose 4 weeks will make much of a difference. They won't send me to the ADSC untill I'm ready.

    I think I will go in tomorrow if I have time. I have a few things I need to do and I really want to go for that run!
  9. You're right, I would go in as soon as.

    Once you've filled in the forms, you'll need to do your BARB, then get medical forms filled in by your doc, then have 2 interviews before ADSC, and as said before, you can go at your own pace through the process!
  10. if your doing a 12 minute mile you will need at least about 6 months before ADSC.

    you need to be averaging about 8 minute miles for two miles at the minimum.

    its a 1.5 mile with a 0.5 mile warm up.

    also, when you say going to the gym, what do you do? treadmill or what.

    you might as well save yourself some money, get some decent running shoes and hit the trail.

    it will take a while to build up a decent base of fitness. distance isnt what you should focus on 100%. you need to do a faster 1.5. just because you can 'run' 5 miles, doesnt make you fast.

    mix in some intesity work, so fartlek and such.

    if you give more details of what you do at the gym you'll probably get more specific advice.
  11. hi you have made a good choice...

    i went to the careers office in July, had my ADSC october 15th, starting on 3rd december basic training..... but mine took a little longer than usual bacuase my doctor does not know how to fill in a simple form...
  12. In my defence it was quite windy and I haven't run outside for 3 months

    I did a 0.5 mile warm up, then I timed myself running 1.5miles

    16 minutes!!

    I thought females had to do it in 14? so I now have to try and reduce that time.

    Watch this space eh!

    Ok, now I'm off to the gym to do a toning class, it's ok I don't really want to walk tomorrow!
  13. to be honest, 8 weeks is a bit short. shes obviously not used to doing running for 5 days in a row.
    also, most people on here with recruiting experience, say you want about 12:30 or less for a girl, or you'll struggle to pass.

    i admit 6 months is a conservative estimate. it all depends on how well you train, and how hard.

    also, miss_smith, no need to be defensive, nobodys having a go at you!
    if you want my opinion, a toning class is probably not much help. go swimming instead. also, do all your running outside if possible. that will help toughen leg bones and tendons, and get used to running real routes. no route is as flat as a treadmill, so running outside will be far better for you.

    i have only ever done three exercises in terms of CV/ endurance training.
    running, swimming and cycling. i can do a 1.5 mile in about 9:15. while i know thats not an amazingly special time, its head and shoulders above what you need for ADSC. theres no need for any serious level of money, the most is the couple of pounds it costs for a swim.

    and things like circuits can be done in your garden or a park.

    if you want some ideas for training sessions, there are countless people on here who will be able to give you some serious good workouts, that dont require anything special but arms and legs and a set of functioning lungs.
  14. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.*

    I think it is a combination of both. From the 2 interviews, they try to gauge your fitness level. If they think you will not make it, then they will give you more time. ADSC date really isn't the limiting factor since there are many ADSC dates.

    So, assuming you can at least complete 1.5 miles, my advice would be to start the process first. If you are not ready to go to ADSC, tell them and they will react accordingly.

    The delay will come from administrative cockups, waiting for paperwork to be sent/returned, lack of intakes for particular trades.

    *Depending on trade choice, depending on how good an administrator the person handling your paperwork is (bearing in mind that many of the key figures are not administrators), etc.