Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by espionage09, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. Go boil your head?
  2. A grown up response.

    To the OP: you need to speak to your recruiter. There's no other way around it. If your recruiter won't help, stand your ground and ask to speak to the person above him. It won't make you popular with him but as you said, it's your career on the line.
  3. Tell them RMP or you won't join.
  4. Ive know of a friend in the same situation, do not go to Pirbirght until you have resolved this! He got put down to go RE but really wanted RMP. His recruiter told him its all paperwork stuff and he'll be able to change easily at Pirbirght.. This was not easy and actualy fact led to him leaving training an the army because Pirbirght couldnt put him in the RMP even after the recruiter told him they would. I dont know if this is common but probably best going to Pirbright as what you want rather than what a lazy recruiter finds easier.
  5. Robbeaus : Please don't waste your cyber ink on my posts, I am not seeking a senseless response!!

    ZERO-OVER: I have already made that request, I explained that I did not agree with the advice given and wish to speak with the next in line. Please don't think ill of my words, I have always treated my recruiters with the greatest of respect and will continue to do so.

    17thseptember1944: I have also made very clear that RMP is my first choice and I will not be joining a regiment for the sake of convenience, after all, second choice is 2nd for a reason.
  6. Nice one, your recruiter is only human after all. Stand your ground.

    Wait, have you signed your offer letter yet?
  7. Mincer : Thank you kindly for for joining the chat, your friend seems to have had the same problems I am having. However, I will not be going to Pirbright until this has been rectified. A DAOR is a luxury I do not have and would not want to use if I did.

    Did your friend go back?
  8. Sadly not, in all fairness he didnt really go the right way about it when Pribright said no to him. Hopefully for you this wil be sorted asap. Even though you wish to become a monkey and soon i will despise the air you breath, i wish you all the best for the future.
  9. MINCER: I admit, you did just make me laugh a little, but I do believe every individual will eventually know their calling in life and the RMP is mine.

    I will however stress that I am extremely fair and non judgmental, which should help.

    Thank you for your input, I wish you the very best also.