I'm posting in a number of areas in order to get an answer. The wife's cousin just went for assessment ot join as an electrical engineer, was told he had scored enough points but 3 points on his driving license owuld prevent him from going for it. Is this right?
3 points as a no go seems a bit harsh but at the moment the recruiters can pick and choose. If it's a choice between two candidates one with points and one without; who would you pick?

Electrical engineer - What Corps is he hoping to go into - Royal Engineers?
For starters you haven't explained what job he is going for it Electronics/avionics REME or is it RE Electrician or another job???. Secondly how old is he under 21 or over 21????

Looking at the jobs I believes he wants then if he only has three points should be ok as if under 21 its normally no more than 3 points.

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