Recruitment Vs Retention

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tommycooker1914, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. In the days of the great war we didn't have to worry about getting the right amount of troops for the job, people just wandered into the local recruiting station and joined up. I think the army should move into the 21 century and forget sending the recruiting tram downtown because it just isn't working. [​IMG]. We should focus on retention instead wasting money on recruitment people shouldn't have to be persuaded to join. I believe the bounty should be increased to 12 shillings and CFT increased to 8 miles followed by a bayonet charge this would get rid of the dead wood in the TA's

    Your thoughts on this please.


  2. The TA's what?

    Pedantry, the latest extreme sport
  3. I've been looking at your profile and you appear to be a bit of a chopper.

    On a serious note, wouldn't this sort of thing be better off in the Military History forum? We don't want to put real recruits off from joining the TA, because they think they might be stuck with clowns like you.
  4. your the chopper sunshine, if your getting offended by my posts don't read them or better still join army net. Plus theirs a sub forum for recruits if you haven't noticed people are probably more put off joining by boring F-wits like you!.
  5. You're fackin nicked me old beauty! :wink:
  6. thanks for pointing that out sandmanfez
  7. Aye, but people may not know what the TA really entails and so maybe wouldnt even consider it, even though it might turn out to be somethign they enjoy.
  8. OK chums here's a "what would you do" question:

    Plan A: A weekend of navigation and patrolling over the Ardgartan Peninsula with some section size attacks thrown in on the Sunday.
    Plan B: A 10 hour coach trip to London on the Saturday followed by a Sunday handing out leaflets at the London Marathon, followed by a 10 hour coach trip back to Glasgow arriving home in time for breakfast on the Monday.

    Clue: One plan is the OC's the other the CO's
  9. I would obviously plump for Plan A but I suspect the CO had a slightly more high profile and higher MTD cost plan? He is obviously a k-nob but will no doubt explain that to HM the Queen when collecting his OBE...
  10. Well, it's obvious which one is best. Can't beat a day out in London anytime!

    I think the point tommycooker is making is that if we get the image right, we won't need to recruit.
  11. Is there a bar on the coach?
  12. ^ PE - maybe we should consider - don't have to drive 10 hours for it ....
  13. The thing with the TA more so then the Regs (assuming on this one so please prove wrong if I am) is that for most soldiers it is their secondary employment and is viewed upon as a lower priority in the grand scheme. Personally Im a student and have devoted way above the required MTDs as I really enjoy it, sadly the realities of my impending doom.. sorry graduation!! mean that im having to increasingly devote my weekends to my coursework :( In other cases, would you turn down for example a promotion in your civvy job which would make a massive (positive) difference to you but would mean missing out on TA weekends?
    My point is (finally!) we need to keep driving for recruits as sadly most TA soldiers must place their main job and family needs 1st and we risk losing operational effectivness if we keep making too many allowances for absence.
    Perhaps the real issue with recruitment is change the methods used? Im bored sh*tless about having to constantly do the same walk about town which on an exceptional day we may actually get one person throught the door who then only leaves a few weeks later because they realise its not for them!!
  14. And once again the complete failure of a regular soldier to understand that the TA is not our actual job strikes again.
  15. I'm not against recruiting totally I think potential recruits must be made aware of the facts I.e commitment levels pay etc. I believe there's nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer that's what makes us better than the regs. Too much money is been wasted on people who don't want it bad enough