Recruitment turn over?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by harris921, May 15, 2009.

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  1. How long(roughly)will it take a young man or woman to get from the careers office and into day one week one of basic training. From the first time he or she walks into the afco, goes through all the tests and interviews, recruit selection, etc, etc to the day of starting basic?
  2. matters if it gose smoothly.

    mine didnt go welll and the process took 1year and 6months! .

    so matters if you get any errors
  3. Mine took around 12 months from the first inquiry until my date for basic but i had a bit of a problem with the application, i think the average is around 6 months
  4. How long is a piece of string??
  5. It depends on too many things to give an accurate answer, I have had no problems at all everything has went through promptly but by the time I get to basic it will nearly be 12months since I started my application. Theres also some lads who passed ADSC with me who are in training now... Lucky feckers!
  6. Let's see how long this lasts until it gets locked for a repeat post that could have been found on 'Search'

    Recruitment timescale

    Simple as that =)
  7. Took me two weeks, mind you that was 1978.......Would have thought the need was greater now?
  8. It depends on too many factors. If your doctors are picky, if the AFCO is busy (which it most likely is). If you have anything wrong with you medically. Also certain jobs you need to do another selection so that add's time. No one can tell you the answer to that.
  9. will be about 5 months i think by the time i start training from first walking in the door
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