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Interesting atricle in today's Thunderer ( more like damp f@rt these days....)

Linky thing:

A couple of quotables:

Inside camouflage pods manned by real soldiers, visitors tackled a sequence of physical and mental challenges (such as driving a virtual tank and running with full kit), after which they were graded and debriefed. Eh ?????????

Joe Komaroni, 22, .....went to a special school for dyslexics and people with ADHD, left to work in a warehouse and ended up hanging out with a “bad bunch”. It has taken him a year to be accepted because he is below standard educationally, which is revealed by his inability to read the oath of allegiance aloud without prompting. “Basically I’m joining because everyone I’m hanging out with is going nowhere and I don’t want to be like that,” Er, quality control here ( but fair do's to the guy, he's trying and will probably be a valuable asset)

My son spent the last two weeks of the summer holidays with his Army Cadet Force .... and .....returned “gay for the Army” Hmmmmmmm.
Hmmm indeed. Still he could always try for the Chaplains Corps.

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