Recruitment team, do we need a retention team?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Bedpan2zero, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Yes - at least someone will listen

  2. No - waste of time

  1. Their seems to be a lot of angst on here, but then again thats the purpose of Arrse, and a fair amount of it seems to concern with working life and conditions in service.

    People who have something to say, should use the chain of command for its correct purpose (the staffing of complaint, worries etc up the chain) but I am well aware that this is not the case in certain units !

    So, should we have a retention Officer at Unit/Bde/Div/Corps level?

    Would people find it easier to address the 'larger' worries outside of their immediate chain of command?

    Should people learn to use their chain of command correctly - and not rock the boat?

    Should we all bury our collective heads in the sand and hope it will all be a bad dream and it will be gone once i've been posted??

    There would have to be groundrules. Anonamous maildrops would NOT be allowed, but anonimity would be preserved!
  2. Stooooooopppppp!

    There are plenty of procedure for the staffing of complaints. AGAI 70 is not a difficult process and allows all to have a fair hearing where treated unfairly.

    What we should not give Joe Squaddie, is a easy 1 stop complaints bureau. The retention officer would be the busiest man in the regiment and unit agony aunt roled into one. Soldiers need no help in complaining, they do it anyway.

    Thje whingers are the ones we want rid of. Sign off sonny, the grass may be greaner etc.
  3. Yes, needs to be someone who is approachable though

    [and also someone who would take them outside and punch/hit them until they sign back on!! (ooh I can think of one person siutable for the job)] :threaten:
  4. I have to agree drainsniffer, it seems to be a trend now a days to moan continuously about everything. If people are that unhappy why dont they bite the bullet and leave, Ill tell you why because they are not that unhappy, they just love to be miserable....
  5. i vote no too for the same reasons.
  6. Isn't the current procedure good enough? When troops want to sign off they have to go through a whole raft of retention interviews and endure a years cooling off period before they finally get out; surely the answer lies more in good man management of troops and less in providing a WRVS counselling service. If the troops are given opportunity to train, experience different facets of Army life and (god forbid!) actually do a little medical work then maybe the mention of a retention officer will be negated.
  7. why would it have to wai until someone wants to sign off?

    Good man management may be the answer - Im sure for some, visible management would be a novelty

    Does the CoC work? if not, why not?
  8. Goosey - i can think of at least two :hockey:

    ... and the NSN for a BSS is???
  9. If we were all man managed in the 'serve to lead' fashion we wouldn't need retention officers.

    The product needs updating before we spend money on the marketing team!

    'you can't polish a turd'
  10. Why create another post for something that is a CoC responsibility. It ties in with Career Management, Welfare, G1 (Adjt & RAO) and goes hand in hand with recruiting. As long as recruiting dont build up false expectations of what the individuals are going to endure during service then all well and good. If you say that its all sport, adv trg and real life Paramedic work (for CMT's) then of course retention is going to be difficult. This all falls in with IIP as well. Communication at all levels aids retention not micro management.