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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by sub11, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. Long time lurker, first time poster!

    Currently in my 4th year at university, looking to jump in at the deep end once I graduate in June and join the Army (provided all interviews and medicals go according to plan).

    To put it bluntly, I wish to serve with 3 SCOTS, a great deal of family have served with The Black Watch, and I wish to carry on in the family vein. That being said, I'm currently located in Edinburgh, as you all know, outwith the usual recruitment catchment of 3 SCOTS - Dundee, Perth, Kinross etc.

    Would this have any potential effect on being able to serve in 3 SCOTS?

    Apologies if a similar question has been asked in the several hundred earlier posts!

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Location will not matter as you will be joining the Royal Regiment of Scotland. If you are planning on joining as a soldier (which I assume you are not since you are an undergrad) nip in to your careers office and the RRS representative there will look after you and steer you towards 3 Scots.

    If you are planning on joining as an Officer it is a much more convoluted process. You need to see the University Officer careers advisor. Look him up online or go see the Adjt at Edinburgh OTC and she will hook you up with contact details.

    It is worth mentioning that the idea of a 5 Bn Regiment is that you will serve in different Battalions as your career requires.

    Good luck with search and PM me if you make no progress.
  3. Brilliant, thanks for the help! I probably should have mentioned that yes, I'd be joining as a soldier.

    I toyed with the idea of the OTC (I'm at Uni. of Stirling, so that would've been Tayforth), but I had to have 2 years of my degree left in order to join, so that was a no-no seeing as I was only at uni for another year.

    As I've said, this won't be for another while, seeing as I don't graduate until June, but thanks very much for the help - put my mind at rest!
  4. As per what JSPrest said plus to add when you go to ADSC Glencourse you will be assessed if your Infantry material if you pass ok there you will be clicked over at interview 4 stage as SCOTS but throughout all interviews you wont be allocated to 3 Scots but keep putting a preference down for them due to family members and your recruiter, Senior Recruiter and ADSO should all add it to your Interview reports. Once at ITC Catterick they will have your Interview Report Summary Sheet (IRSS) and when it comes to allocating to Regiments it should hopefully go in your favour.
  5. If you go to AFCO Edinburgh or ACIO Stirling there are Royal Regiment of Scotland reps in both these offices that can guide you in the right direction. Since you are currently at uni I believe you may be encouraged to join as an Officer. If you would like more information about this look at the followinfg link.Become a Scottish Officer - British Army Website
  6. Thanks for the advice, The_IRON.

    I'll make sure to always make a point of pushing for 3 SCOTS when appropriate - as you say, if/when it swings round to the IRSS, hopefully the family history will help swing the decision in my favour!

    Thanks again.
  7. Mate just a wee reality check for you, if you get 3 SCOTS then it'll be purely down to luck (you being in training at the right time that 3 SCOTS requires fresh blood for an up coming OP - they're about halfway through H15 atm). You go where the regiment needs you, "golden string" or w/e it's called is non existent now.

    When you're putting in your battalion preference sheet with the regimental shepherd you could do what some lads may supposedly have done & created a lot of fiction so as to avoid going to Germany with 4 SCOTS in order to get 3 instead but of course being big on CDRILS once you enlist I'm sure you wouldn't stoop to such levels :) .

    A lot of Lowlanders at ITC last year were in for a big surprise upon finding out they'd be sporting the blue hackle in their ToS!
  8. Why don't you want to join as an officer?
  9. Yep, why not?

    What is your degree in? You may be able to serve in another Corps as an officer and still get a stint in with 3Scots ie REME.

    The chances of you gettng to the old BW are slim, why not carry on the tradition of serving in a role you may enjoy. Do you think you'll enjoy the Inf trade with a degree?
  10. Try the Irish Guards, highly professional but not up their arses
  11. Glasgow_Jock, I hadn't appreciated that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Serving with 3 SCOTS would, of course, be my ideal situation - that being said, I would not complain in the slightest if my services were required elsewhere. As far as I'm concerned, serving in 3 SCOTS would be the dream, but serving in the Royal Regiment of Scotland is, ultimately, the bigger deal. As you so eloquently put it, I wouldn't stoop so low as to shirk on my requirements, be that a deployment, or disappearing off to Germany for a while, and go elsewhere to duck from the oppertunity.

    SgtSlaughter, chocolate_frog - I have considered it, and I've been told by a couple of friends who were/currently are in the UOTC that I'd be of more use serving as an officer. As for my degree, it's History (useful, right?) relevant that would be in the officer role is another matter, any suggestions regarding its use in the army? On a more unofficial note, my German is of a pretty high standard, and I'm sure that would have its uses here and there.

    As for whether or not I would enjoy the infantry as a trade with my degree...I would relish the oppertunity to serve in the infantry, degree or not.
  12. No, that's just them thinking they are already officers... possibily. I wondered if you had a degree like engineering or similar that would fit in to the REME, RE, RSignals etc.

    It isn't the degree subject that matters tomost officers, it is the 'thinking' and 'process' and that good stuff behind it. I had an officer who had a 3rd in Art History... brilliant.

    Perhaps you could look in to visiting 3 Scots or any infantry unit.

    And the end of the day it is YOUR life, but I am just getting the vibe here you want to serve in 3 SCOTS, RRS, Inf, Army because you're family did. What if you don't enjoy the Infantry as much as you would enjoy, for example, the Int Corps or the Engrs?

    Other than that, if you are so minded, in the RRS you could always go the Piper route. Quite a niche job. (you also get to carry the GPMG, tripod and link in that role).
  13. Getting that vibe as well tbh. Nothing wrong with wanting to enlist in the infantry, but don't outright dismiss going into a Corps because there's no "family history" in it or whatever. You're still carrying on a family tradition of serving in the military where ever you go.

    As said undertaking a degree should imbue you with skills (critical thought, objective analysis etc... well one should hope) other than just absorbing subject relevant facts.

    Just don't sell yourself short is all we're saying really.
  14. Yeah, you're right - it's more the ability to reason/exercise cognitive thought than anything else.

    The Int Corps and Engrs had been a consideration, however, I've been told that you require a particularly high result in the numeracy section of the BARB test, and I'm a borderline mong when it comes to any form of slightly difficult maths (packed it in when I was 16, concentrated on English, History, and German instead). That said, I'd be willing to be tutored if, in your opinion, it would be necessary in acheiving those higher scores.

    As for going down the Piper route, I'd be interested to hear more about that - I've been playing instruments for the past 10 years, and my musical theory is reasonably good - I had read that pretty much any huddy can turn up and join the Pipers, so I'm sure I'd already be standing myself in pretty good stead. Would it be a case of being attached to a regiment as a Piper, or...?

    Once again, thank you all for the replies - much appreciated.
  15. To be honest, if you obtain your degree, you SHOULD be thinking officer. Any Army careers advisor should be pointing you in that direction. Nothing wrong at all with wanting to be an infantry officer as opposed to an infantry soldier.

    My advice would be to speak to your nearest recruiter and tell them you would like to be a RRS Officer. Get a visit sorted out on that basis and see if you think you fit in. As suggested dont be too hung up about which Bn, you just have to accept that times have moved on and it is now a multi Bn Regt.