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Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by Ventress, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Any recruitment questions reference the AMS can go in and be dealt with the miriade of excellent advice avaliable!
  2. I dont want to come over bitter and twisted, and i genuinely am not, however i am concerned that a month after being told i was unsuccessfull in my attempt to transfer to the AMS i have not received any real feedback as to why.

    I sat the radiographer board and received the news as a message via an email to tell me, unlucky you are to green and military, "not fluffy enough" were the exact words used by my RAOWO.

    I can handle the rejection, thats life, however for a corps and in particular a CEG which is so undermanned i would have expected a little bit of realistic and personal decrit from the AMS.

  3. I take it your RAOWO has never met many radiographers!!

    Jesus, if you need to talk to someone who can find out for you, PM me and I'll do some asking for you matey
  5. What can i expect from my CMSR?
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh and some old metal boxes on tracks.
  7. As someone who has served for 6 yrs in the Int Corps, I am interested in Transferring to the QA's/AMC as I know want to give back to the Army but have found that the transfer process is quite long and drawn out. I havent put in my request to transfer yet,(am looking to put it in within the next few weeks) but was wondering if anyone could advise on how best to prepare for any interviews etc, and how long does the process actually take, and whats the chances of being offered a place as a student nurse. Thanks
  8. I am looking to join up, i am a civvie right now, but feel i want to give something back to the people fighting for us. Sounds really gooey, but its the way i feel! i would just like to know how long the average recruiting process takes? i am looking to go in and train as either a Radiographer or a Combat Med Tech, does anyone have any ideas?

  9. If you're looking to join the Regulars, post this in the Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC thread. If you're looking to go TA, PM me.

  10. It's difficult to be precise, because every case is different. Some people take weeks and others, months! For example, if you have a less than straight-forward security profile, it will take months! The best people to advise you are in the Recruiting Office, because they know when the basic training courses start.

    I can't comment about the length of training for Radiographer or CMT but any form of technical training usually means that you spend the best part of your first year in school! Be prepared for that.... if you are joining the Army to escape schoolwork, don't join a technical trade!

  11. Excluding Phase One training, but for a TA CMT how long (how many courses and the length of those courses) does it take to be fully trained ie deployable in a voluntary operational role.
  12. If anyone wants to transfer to RAMC not amc then the following is advisable: 1, learn about the Corps and readabout its doctrine. AMS Corps Doctrine, Vol 4 Medical Support In The Field. 2. Learn some of the history eg Corps Day, reason for formation etc. 3. Know what the job you intend to transfer is, who is head of CEG and what the job entails. 4. Be confident on the interview. You want to do a job that is about saving life. We don't want people who just want to leave their current trade. 5. The intelligent Infanteer will always be successful in a transfer to Cbt Med Tech cadre. However you will not get through the interview if you have'nt bothered to find out about us. 6. Interview is by a WO2 and Maj. Good luck. :D
  13. hey,
    I have chosen Combat Med Tech as one of my three trades, i've been rummaging through threads and numorous websites trying to find a lil more info about the trade and where phase 1 training takes place, it keeps coming up with Pirbright but i have a funny feeling its somewhere else...if anyone has any info on this please correct me!

    cheers Luc
  14. Here is another one.............................
    I need some advice! have passed selection and was given my first choice (clinical physiologist), but still have to have an interview with PSO RAMC (I was aware of that) however it somehow turns out that I have not made the board. Received my application late apparently so I was told by my recruiter. Untill I find out more I have been looking over the training and different trades such as CMT.
    I have heard mixed voices about CMT and the views of re-trading from CMT to clin phy. Could anyone out there help clear this up.....does a CMT hold a recognised qualification? what are the opportunities for a CMT? and is it easier for re-trading with in the same cap badge (I have heard that it does not matter)? it want benefit you re-trading from within the AMS! (this has to be wrong)
  15. Sussex,
    If you were told you had got your first choice then that is wrong.
    All the technical CEG's in the RAMC i.e. BMS, Radiographer etc. hold selection boards where you are interviewed by the head of trade and have to give presentations as well as writing essays; until you have been successful at that stage you have not been "given" your choice of trade.
    Also before this can happen your qualifications would have to be verified by the University where you would study and until this is done you would not even be allowed onto the selection board.
    The board for Clin Phys only sits once per year and I can only assume the list had already closed when your application arrived (The board sat the day after you wrote this post).
    At present as far as I am aware a CMT does not hold a civilian recognised qualification but I understand the very first of the "Paramedic" trained CMT's are now qualifying and only the best of the best are chosen to do the paramedic course and if you had already indicated you wanted to trade transfer I doubt you would be chosen.

    Would it help if you were already in the RAMC: It is dificult to say and would depend entirely on how you performed at interview. If a para had the same quals and performed better than you at interview then he would most likely be selected.

    Why should someone already in the RAMC have priority if they are the inferior candidate.

    Hope this answers your questions and the best of luck for whatever you decide to do!