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Recruitment process

Hey guys, this is my first post. I filled in an army interest form two weeks ago at the AFCO and still havent received any reply. How long does it normally take to process?

I Stay in dundee so i think its the Black Watch , correct me if im wrong.

about 2 weeks after sending my form I got a call from what I belive is a telemarketing company rather then a army line. Reguardless they were helpful and arranged a TA presentation at my local career office this thursday! Just wait out my friend! Hope this helps!

Hi Mogz

If you are looking to join the TA Infantry (A Coy, 7 Scots)

Try Calling this number

01382 461 221

The pleasant man on the other end will sort you out.

Good luck :D

u fill in the interest form
wait a few weeks
get a phone call
go to an 'informal' interview
go to your local unit pending on what you want to do
have a more formal interview there
get given application forms
have to go get eyesight prescription and doctors to fill in your vaccination form - takes a week of two
then send them or take them all in
wait for a letter saying we have recieved your application
wait till they contact ur reference and they have sent/given their reference for you
go for medical + barb tests
go for recruit selection day/weekend

thats as far as ive got so far and its taken 3 months
Hanging on seems to be a common theme.......

I applied online, this was followed up by a phone call from what sounded like a recruitment agency who arranged an appointment at my local Army Careers office

Went along for this expecting it to be a formal interview only to be handed a questionnaire asking questions I had already answered, was given a DVD and a leaflet about my local unit (there are a few, so narrowed it down to the one that interested me), and was told that they would contact me to arrange a visit to the unit

Heard nothing, so on own initiative went down on parade night, and filled out MORE forms :x

Since then, remainder of first night was cleaning rifles under instruction, second parade night was circuit training followed by a bit of a social - next is a drink driving lecture - had medical and need to go back with a letter from my GP, but unit staff have been very positive and helpful with dates and advice on attending selection weekend

Guess showing up on a parade night at least shows your keen - and if I hadn't I doubt the paperwork would have ever surfaced, and I'd never have been called! Also gives you a chance to meet and greet the people you are commiting to join

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