Recruitment Process OTT?

Im currently searching for a new job, mostly applying online for Local Government/NHS administration jobs. One thing that is grinding my gears right now is the recruitment process.

Now Im not afraid of the odd psychometric test or 3v1 interview but the hoops they make you jump though just to be selected are sometimes downright crazy.

Take Culture and Sport Glasgow for example, they subscribe to the "competency based recruitment" scheme of thinking. There are two different competency frameworks, 1-8 and 9+ which both have different competencies required to apply. Confused?

You shouldnt be if you just follow the "SAOR" model to structure your answers... hope that cleared it up... just make sure you know your competency level before applying, if you are successful you will be invited to attend a competancy based interview (apparently better than the standard "general behaviour interview"), like you didnt already know that!

Why have they have turned the simple act of "apply, interview, job" into non-sensical HR psychology techniques, is it just so they can employ an additional 10,000 people UK wide in non-jobs?

Im not sure what the point of this thread is really, Im just frustrated at all the stupid questions, forms, tests and interviews Ive done both online and in person trying to get a job in the public sector.
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Situation - What happened
Action - What you did
Outcome - What the final outcome was.
Reflection - What would you do differently next time, if anything.

Same kind of questions that you get asked on a police recruitment paper.

When you've looked at the job spec of the one you're going for then use an example of something that you've done that fits in with the job spec and answer the SAOR list above.

Each organisation will have their own criteria for competencies and what they want a person to be like and qualified in to fill a vacancy.

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Are you sure that you want to work for an organisation that uses this method of recruitment?

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