Recruitment process - first stages

Hi all...

Just thought I'd write this to help anyone who has recently applied to the British army as I couldn't find much helpful information.

I am still currently in the early stages of my application but ive had my first interview and got my dates for pre selection.

First off you are bound to be nervous about your interview at the careers office (I was) but as much as people say it really isnt anything to worry about!
I got to the careers office about 15 minutes earlier then i should (it just looks good i suppose) i went in and sat down, there was about 6-7 other lads already there waiting plus one girl, then about 15 minutes after i got called into a room with 2 other lads and we sat down and watched a dvd for about 30-40 minutes on what the armys like and the different roles etc... After that we had a one to one interview with a careers advisor which were slightly intimidating at first but yeah its natural to be nervous i guess he asked me stuff like "do you know the army 6 core values" which i did and then which roles ive applied for and where i would be based and how long phase one and two is and the armys daor rules and your run times etc so do your research on these as it does help alot. You will have received a pre interview prep sheet so make sure you fill that out to the best of your knowledge although they do not ask every question then you will be given a folder with other stuff in to keep track of your application. About 10 days later you will receive a medical form which you need to give to your gp and they send it off bla bla.
If all is well you will be given a date to your pre selection. Mine is on the 24th may 2016 in nuneaton if anyone is the same? Ive been advised to attend although its not mandatory but ive read can really help you prepare for your real selection.

Hope this helps anyone whos joining or thinking about joining, i wish i had someone to explain like this to put my mind at ease but really it is nothing to worry about at all!

Cheers guys and good luck with your applications!
Hope this helps anyone whos joining or thinking about joining, i wish i had someone to explain like this to put my mind at ease but really it is nothing to worry about at all!
You mean all the information that is readily available on the Army web page when you submitted your application then, that explains TACOS, Values and Standards and preparation for each stage. The email you would of got for your Army Brief and Individual Development Discussion (not interview) also tells you of all the requirements you need to know plus research on your three job preferences for phase 1 and Phase 2 trade training plus you are also told by your CSM if you are not sure of anything to contact the Careers Advisors at the ACC you are going to prior to attending.
Please don't say you couldn't find any useful information when everything amd more than you have put above is readily available on the site you had been on to make your initial application and from your CSM who will of called you and sent you the confirmation of your AB/ICD email.
Just to remind you where this information is

Joining the Army - British Army Website
And i was telling people more on the process of going to the careers office etc rather then the information you need to know.
As said all that information is explained by your CSM and on your email they send you plus you are told you can speak to the Careers office prior to your AB/ICD about what to expect......not wanting to have an arguement just pointing out everything you mentioned above is given to every applicant in greater detail than you put above.

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