Recruitment process changing as of 26th of March

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Superden, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Went into the recruitment office in London today for a brief, They are changing everything to do with applications online now, so by the 26th of march a recruitment agency is taking over the recruitment stages, so all applications forms, BARB tests num/lit test will be all done online and then they will give you a date for a formal interview (1 interview only)

    "Apparently its suppose to be a faster recruitment process" said by the presenter who was briefing us.
  2. Well i rang up my recruitment office today to check on my medical papers, they told me they had arrived but that i had to call back on the 4th of april, apparently they have to postpone the whole application process until they sort things out, i couldnt remember exactly what he said they were doing, but apparently all applicants in britain are being delayed. maybe the whole online thing is related?
  3. Time for Arrse to step up to the plate and offer sound advice to the myriad wannabees who infest this place...
  4. Would that be those known throughout history as 'potential recruits'..??
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  5. Theres a lot of changes to the system and until Im fully aware of the full implimentations I'm not going to comment....RG8's (Health Questionaires and AFCO 4's (Application forms)wont be getting issued after this week and all applicants will be directed to the NRC (National Recruitment Centre) in Upavon. Majority of ACIO's are still open but there are lots of changes to the process as we have known it over the last decade.

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  6. It's just a matter of 'perspective' ...
  7. I was a little confused with what my recruiter told me over the phone today, he didn't seem to give much detail and just told me to call back on April 4th, which is about 6 weeks away.. So do you know whether or not they're making some wait the whole thing out, whereas other are being redirected to the NRC, or what? This was all a bit of a shock to me, as my recruiters and everyone on these forums had never mentioned it before, so in all honesty i don't really know whats going on.
  8. All applicants will be going through the NRC from April and your stuff you do at the ACIO's will be cut down, majority will be done on line or on the phone, however some testing and ONE interview will still be done at the said once your Recruiter knows he will inform you correctly once the NRC is up and running fully next month.
  9. According to the briefing I've had, he shouldn't have done that. Capita are already in charge of the process* and have a plan for dealing with the transition. Putting potential recruits off was most certainly not part of it, but don't give up.

    *There will doubtless be a whole outrage bus full of people along in a minute to tell you why the new system is a crock of shite and that we're all doomed (unless they reintroduce a certain talismanic personal weapon which loaded itself) but the bottom line is that — and I quote — "there is no Plan B". I interpreted this as an invitation to either be part of the problem or part of the solution. There's a lot of that going on around HM Forces at the moment.
  10. I'm in on the 27th of March for a Pre ADSC, It's the last one they're doing at my recruitment office.
  11. Capita - home of many a Occ Health and HR cock up. Brave New World indeed. They stated they can fulfill the future reserves manpower shortage of 18000 in 3 years. So by my reckoning that 173 attestations a day, without drop out, medical or otherwise. Be interesting to see the figures.
  12. Oh, i see.. So you're telling me that my recruiter is making me wait 6 weeks for nothing?
  13. No your Recruiter will be telling you exactly what they are able to do at this time due to changing of procedures, manpower issues and availability. With the new transition happening at present, a massive change of staff who many are not currently trained they will be offering the best service that is available so that over the coming weeks everything will be diverted through the NRC.

    edited to say use this time well getting fit
  14. Thanks Iron, you've been helpful. A friend of mine is going into the recruitment office soon to fill in a form that they forgot to give him last time he went, so i think he's going to ask a bit more about what's happening with the procedure as far as our recruitment office goes. I'll post anything that might be insightful to some on here once i get word back.
  15. I would like to join the Army Air Corps and then once training is complete i want to do the all arms PTI. Does anyone know how long it can take from applying to then starting basic training?