Recruitment/MoD cuts

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Everyones heard about the planned spending cuts to patch up the budget defecit,and the plans to cut MoD spending. Im curious to how this will an impact on recruitment in the next 1 to 2 years. To what extent will the Army still be activley recruiting for the teeth/support arms?

BBC News - Defence review: Cameron unveils armed forces cuts
They will probably still recruit, however you will need to achieve a B or A grade at ADSC to be offered a job. To be honest C grades and below can forget about it and have to wait to do ADSC in 2 years, you will be suprised on how many C grades there are. I just cant see the Army ever being seriously undermanned again with such low numbers of personnel therefore it will be alot more competitve and harder to get in from now on!!! Just to add i think there will be alot more deferrals aswell so potential recruits will need to be shit hot on all aspects of ADSC.
The Army will always need new recruits as people leave, others get promoted etc. I imagine they'll just recruit less people thought, so to get a place you'll have to pass ADSC with a good grade.
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