Recruitment matter(overseas)

I'm from Hong Kong and i'm planning to join the infantry, my concerns are that i'm a foreigner... is it much harder for foreigners to join up? (I hold BNO passport)
And does anyone know is there any Hong Kong people serving in the Army right now?

If any advice, you have all my ears...thx
we had HK vets at the Cenotaph yesterday - mostly Royal Fleet Auxillery but vets all the same. In my regiment (RGJ) we had one fella from HK - half chinese - so I'd say no probs as long as your paperwork is ok
Yeah, Go for RGJ (or Rifles). Chinese Riflemen are more than welcome, I even Married one. A chinese, not a Rifleman!

I think as long as you were born in HK when it was a colony (which from your passport would seems so) and your parents were born there whilst it was a colony, you shouldn't have a problem.

Of course it will probably help if you aren't a Party Member too.

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