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Recruitment interviews

Part of my current job involves preparing people for interviews with the most commonly asked questions.
Lately there are a lot of people I deal with going through the armed forces interview process.
Here is my problem. I did all my interviews before I was 16 when you still had to get up to turn the telly over.
I would appreciate a little help with the kind of questions that are asked during the interview process so I can adapt my interview questions as required.
Thank you
I had my interview a few weeks ago (it lasted about 40 mins). There are a lot of questions on your life so far ie. what qualifications you have, what sports and fitness activities you do - leading to how you have been training for the army, what your family thinks about you joining up etc. I'm sure everyone gets asked why they want to join the army, so you need to talk for about a minute about your reasons for joining and what your aspirations are. I also got asked to describe ALL THREE of my job choices, not just your first choice. This is where I slipped up as I had only really prepared a response for my first choice. You need to know what will be happening throughout all phases of training - how long each phase is, where it occurs and what you will be doing. I also got asked about what happens on selection. Finally make sure you know and understand the terms and conditions of service, and the drugs policy. Obviously questions differ from AFCO to AFCO but this covers some of the questions that i was asked.
That's all I can remember, hope this helps.
Nighters has pretty much covered it there. I would add though -

- Complete Honesty at all times.
- Smart clothing for the interviews (shirt, tie, trousers, shoes), and a full suit for the interview with the senior recruiter. They will need a suit anyway (for ADSC, further selection if applicable, and for when they start) so getting into the habit would be a good thing.
How different is the 2nd interview to the 1st, I have my 2nd on Monday and just wondered if I need to revise more..

or is what I revised for the 1st enough?
What is the need in it?

Is it just so someone senior can approve you?

Also, do they give you an ADSC date there and then or do you leave and they just contact you with a date?
The 2nd interview is usually with an officer, for recommendation for selection etc.I personally didn't get my date there and then, my recruiter rang me few days later.

Hope that helps
Syn :)
The confirmatory interview is just that, it is where we as office managers decide on the evidence (your application) whether or not we think you are both suitable for ADSC and also for soldiering.

It is also quality control, quite often we pick up on things that recruiters may have missed during their interview and we also investigate any points that the recruiter feels need a bit more digging on.

Lastly we make sure you know exactly what your terms and conditions of service are, ensure you are happy with the advice you have had so far from the recruiter and above all else make sure you understand that we do not owe you a job :D

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